Voraath’s Front-Woman Chelsea Marrow Discusses Inspiration, Touring and New Music

Live Photos by Jamie LeBlanc


Metal Purgatory Media (MPM): What led up to you finding them ultimately joining Voraath?

Chelsea Marrow (CM): I’ve been friends with Joshua Ward, who’s the current drummer for Voraath, for a couple of years, now. In the past, we’ve discussed the possibility of having me feature on a Voraath song. I believe it paved the way to where we are now. There were some recent lineup changes, and Josh reached out to me. He offered the opportunity to be a permanent member of Voraath and I happily accepted with no hesitation. 

MPM: How would you best describe Voraaths sound? 

CM:An auditory odyssey both extreme and emotional. We wanted to keep our roots and extreme metal while still exploring storytelling

MPM: What musical influences does the band draw on for Voraath?

CM:80’s Sci-Fi movies and video games soundtracks! But we also draw a lot of inspiration from bands such as Dimmu Borgir, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Septicflesh, Cattle Decapitation, Acid Bath, Alkaloid, and Igorr

Photos by: Jamie LeBlanc

MPM: Is there special meaning behind the costumes/masks?

CM:Yes, we built our own multiverse with cosmic entities who have propagated life throughout a biocentric universe. It’s a complex story but we are in a post-apocalyptic future ruled by corporations and interdimensional entities, and we are just a group of hired retrieval experts trying to support our families in this dismal reality when we are hired to retrieve something that’s beyond our understanding, unearthing the body of a otherworldly being which in the lore is how we get our armor and mask, infused with technology not of this world.

MPM: Is there a message that Voraath is trying to convey or stand behind with their music overall?

CM:This is a personal story, it’s the story of the group of people coping with the tragedies of life. Real world experiences expressed through the lens of a sci fi odyssey.  I think it outlines the importance of having a good community to help guide each other through the hardships of life. 

MPM:Do you have plans to release new music soon? If so will it be a label release or an independent?

CM:Absolutely, we have a whole album completed and is being shopped out as we speak

MPM: You guys are on tour at this time, how have the shows been?Being in a van touring across country can be pretty rough on everyone after a couple days, do you have any advice for any bands looking to do the same?

CM:Have a pliable and comprimisable attitude. You’re stuck in a vehicle with four to five other people so developing good coping strategies and having solid communication with each other is important.

MPM: Do you have any your highlights you’d like to share? 

CM:Highlights… you know? It’s only the beginning. I’m still in awe that I was considered to be a part of this ever growing project. Everyone in the band is so fucking talented. I love the depth and storyline behind the music. There is a whole visual experience, in addition to the epic soundscape that Voraath creates. Envisioning myself as an outsider, I see this band as something truly to behold. Memorable. The red of our “eyes “ in our attire will etch into the minds of onlookers for times to come. 

MPM: If Voraath could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

CM:Dolly Parton!  We’d like to feature in her new rock album coming up ! Haha but honestly, I think it’s a tie between Fleshgod Apocalypse and Cattle Decapitation. They seem like really awesome humans, in general.   I feel they have been highly inspiring for the lot of us to some degree. Who knows? Maybe that could happen for us. 

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