SIN DELIVERANCE – Ultimate Hatred

Imagined Fleshgod Apocalypse, Carnifex, Lorna Shore and Shadow Of Intent were to combine elements of extreme metal with a blackened, symphonic, technical and melodically driven style of deathcore you get Mother Russia’s very own Sin Deliverance and the monstrous debut full-length offering titled Ultimate Hatred. I’ve been hearing great things about this band so I went to dive into their catalog and heard the 2019 single Eternal Suffering which got me hooked almost immediately just hearing such chaotic, blasphemous, very aggressive counterparts of the music that blistered my ears and my enjoyment hearing the song got me wanting more.

Now, in 2021 we have Ultimate Hatred which is a 54 minute album, 12 track journey to strap the listener into a world with darkness, despair, depravity and sorrow as most of the songs contained wide branches of black metal, death metal, technical death and symphonic all around which gives this album such a nice balance of structure and delivery. Musically, this album reminded me so much of Flesh Coffin by Lorna Shore due to the blackened, biblical and progressive styled arrangements that is dynamic and atmospheric as well but also what makes Ultimate Hatred so incredibly detailed is the amount of orchestrated soundscapes to give that symphonic metal-esque sort of presentation where you feel like you’re watching a tormented movie with a blisteringly heavy sort of soundtrack approach which give or take can be tiresome at times but when you dive deeper into the album’s lyrical content, ideologies, and music as a whole, this will continuously make the listener to appreciate these Russian’s beauty and art.

Songs such as Eternal Suffering, Denying God, The Kingdom Of Pain, and Step Into The Abyss demonstrates the massive symphonic and blackened branches taking a very dark and cold approach of modern deathcore which therefore takes the compositions, production, atmospherics and thick passages onto a onslaught so darkened, blistering, crushing and utilizing death metal elements from the haunted guitar melodies and black metal-esque drumming while enhancing comprehensible and aggressive structures of overall stylistic tones are absolutely memorable upon hearing this album. Then others including Death Is Near and Inverted Cross are prior examples deathcore doesn’t necessarily rely on generic breakdowns but instead, this album takes the finest characteristics, triumphantly and powerful mixing the album has will give massive amounts of shivers down the listener’s spinal cords as the secondary half of the record gets a artistic and technical levels of destructive extreme metal will be in the lifetime for any fans of the genre. Ultimate Hatred takes the icing on a delicious cake as the songs may not seem dull or artificial but it manages to pull many strings attached and fans of deathcore can witness a memorable feature and it is very fresh within the extreme metal community.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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