TMF: So tell us who you are

EOS: I am Leviticai, the solo creator and musician behind what is Echoes of Silence from Los Angeles, CA.

TMF: When did you start the project and what made you decide to?

EOS: I started Echoes of Silence in 1999 after the end of Dark Divinity which was my original metal project. I wanted to do music in the likes of Diabolical Masquerade, Lux Occulta and Golden Dawn.

TMF: So how did you decide the name?

EOS: Echoes of Silence comes from within. It means to be alone with only yourself because no matter what, you can’t run from your own mind.

TMF: What is some of your inspirations?

EOS: I draw my inspirations from classical music, romance as well as other metal bands ranging from Bathory to Moonspell and all in between because they all have contributed something to the metal scene.

TMF: What sets yourself apart from the other bands in the scene?

EOS: As I have been around since 1999, I set myself apart by being known as the first band to do all synthetic instrumentals originally. As of 2010, the band did progress with guitars and bass again as well as with Stormbringer which was entirely reworked with Stefan Traunmueller of Golden Dawn.

TMF: What was your favorite release out of your works?

EOS: I’d have to say Stormbringer because it was really amazing getting to work with Stefan on the album as well as the album itself was the most in depth and different of all my releases.

TMF: What release are you working on now?

EOS: Right now I am reworking a re-release of Love Embraces Death with all new instrumentals and released on a new label. A small sample is available on the Seance EP.

TMF: Any last words?

EOS: Thank you to all my followers and all who have supported the works of Echoes of Silence. Expect new music soon and please continue to support the metal scene.


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