We got to speak with Clément Ducouret the lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and founding member of France’s death metal band Creeping Fear!

MPM: First off, my honor and pleasure to be interviewing you today. How are you doing during these unprecedented times and those who don’t know who you are, would you introduce yourself to the people reading this interview?

CF: Hello Jake! It’s my pleasure mate ! Doing great, even if times are hard with Covid i won’t lie. I’m Clément the Lead singer and guitar player of the Death Metal band Creeping Fear. We are currently releasing our second album Hategod Triumph on March 26th 2021.

MPM: Creeping Fear are based out of France and been active in the scene since 2010. What has been the drive and inspiration in yourself wanting to create death metal music?

CF: I guess we always loved extreme music, listening to the USA and European scene for many years. When we started playing this is what we wanted to do !! Blast beats, heavy guitar riffs and guttural voices.

MPM: Your latest offering, Hategod Triumph is released very soon off on Dolorem Records and is the follow-up to 2017’s Onward To Apocalypse. Was this a challenge overall to make the album or has it always been easy knowing you as an artist to create such a artistic and wonderful album?

CF: It was a challenge I won’t lie, we wanted this album to be darker and more extreme than our previous release and we pushed ourselves technically. Also, the Covid did not help at all !!

MPM: Since France has a very diverse variety of metal coming out of that country with known bands such as Benighted, Deathspell Omega, Gojira, and Alcest to other underground hitters such Kronos, and many more, what’s your stance on the French music scene overall?

CF: It’s going pretty well i would say. A lot of bands are active, labels support them and of course the public is following them too. I think there is a lot of variety and quality in the french Metal scene.

MPM: On Hategod Triumph, you decided to work with Paolo Girardi who’s done incredible album artworks for bands like Inquisition, Firespawn, Nocturnal Graves, Bell Witch and many more. How did that come about and what was the story behind getting him to do your album art?

CF: We were looking for a new artist to create the visual identity of the album. We contacted him and after a couple messages we decided to work together, as we always liked what he was doing and he enjoyed the project. We sent him a sketch and a few months later the painting was done. He respected our ideas and magnified it. We are very happy with the work he has done.

MPM: What song off on the new record is your favorite from a lyrical standpoint? If so, what does that song mean to you as a musician?

CF: I think my favorite would be We Belong to the Crypts. As a musician I would describe it as a mix between death metal with extreme grooves and dark and obscure riffs from black metal. This is really what we wanted to achieve with this song and this album in general.

MPM: Since shows are obsolete for the future, what has been your motivation in live and are there any hobbies you kept yourself occupied for time being?

CF: As you said unfortunately live shows are not possible anymore .. I started to brew my own beer and I do a lot of sports. Hopefully we can still do things to stay occupied ! And as we had time we started writing the new album.

MPM: Do you prefer recording new music in studio or perform live in front of fans?

CF: I prefer playing live shows no doubt about it !!!!

MPM: If music wasn’t your passion, what occupation do you see yourself doing that your fans may not know about?

CF: I think I would have done something related to instruments like building guitars.

MPM: Are there upcoming releases in 2021 most excited for?

CF: There will be a new Suffocation album apparently, they recorded new material !! Can’t wait for it !!

MPM: Since your band is on Dolorem Records, how’s the relationship status been with the label to promote Hategod Triumph?

CF: Great. Alex is really giving his best at promoting the bands he signs with. We did our best to work together and promote the album as much as we could. He is very proactive and developed a large underground network. If you ask me, Dolorem record is the best French underground label for death metal.

MPM: As I’m hearing the song Hate Crush Consume, your vocals reminded me a cross of Hate Eternal, Aborted, Angelcorpse and early Immolation since it has the old school, technical, grindy and blackened style of vocal patterns and I absolutely love your approach on the song. Who has been your inspirations doing vocals and playing guitar?

CF: Thanks I’m glad you enjoyed it ! Many death and black metal singers inspired me in many ways. But you are right the “old school” death metal scene is a huge influence as you said. I can also mention Deicide, Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse as huge influences for me for vocals and guitar. In Europe bands like Asphyx, Carcass, Pestilence also had a huge influence especially for slower and heavy riffs.

MPM: Where do you see the death and extreme metal scene carry forward for the underground in the next decade or so?

CF: I think it’s going well and will continue to grow ! Many established bands are working on new material and new bands get out of nowhere everyday releasing great records. Even if 2021 and even 2022 might still be tough due to Covid-19.

MPM: When shows do return, what be your ultimate dream lineup tour for Creeping Fear?

CF: I would kill to open for Cannibal Corpse, Suffocation and Vital Remains !! A tour with this line up would be insane.

MPM: Before we wrap up this interview, I like to thank you for your time and privilege in doing this with me. It’s been a hard and challenging time for the music industry and for everyone else and hopefully soon enough we’ll see normalcy return. Are there anything you like to add about upcoming information for Creeping Fear’s music or anything directly to your fans to close this?

CF: Thanks to every person that supports us, I hope you will enjoy the new album and of course we can’t wait to headbang again with you all during live shows!




Interview by Jake Butler



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