Spectral Damnation signs to Necktwister (Belgium), releases music video.

Hailing from Belgium, Spectral Damnation formed in 2015 releasing a 4 track EP. They saw some success playing shows but unfortunately that came to a halt after the band suffered a tragic accident which halted the project all together.

Soon after in 2019 lead guitarist Arachnid Saar began searching for musicians to bring the project back to life. They managed to refine and hone their sound, changing members through the years until they hit the studio in 2022.

From Necktwister records press release…

Necktwister is stoked to announce the signing of Belgian black metal band Spectral Damnation!

Spectral Damnation is an anti-religious Black Metal band hailing from Belgium. For fans of devilish blastbeats, powerful riffs, martial vocals and orchestral synth notes. The band presents its first full album “Extra Æcclesiam” in alliance with Necktwister  on February 23th, 2023.

Extra Æcclesiam means “Out of the Church”. The album accuses the enslaving christian order over the world. The album brings the holy writings to light, tools of power of mankind, and the perversion of self-proclaimed spiritual authorities since the origins of Church.”

After watching the video we can honestly say we are excited for the complete album drop due out later this month. Check back here fora full rundown and review!

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Written by: George Joseph Bauman IV


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