UPON OUR CREATION – Revelation Of Our Race


I don’t often review deathcore music on here. Not saying I’m not a fan of the music but there are many other sites out there that specialize in the genre already but I felt like I had to review this debut EP from the local Los Angeles solo project of Alex Ippolito. Alex is the guitarist of The Hollowing (ex-Love On The Lips Of A Whore) and Upon Our Creation is his personal solo project. His debut release is a solid masterpiece from the multi-instrumentalist virtuoso.

The album begins with intro track “Liamnesis” which starts eerily with voices from a clip and begins with a bellowing, depths-of-hell breakdown and then an eerie transition to the track “Revelation of Our Race.” The guitar work and drum programing by Alex is quite spot on with lighting fast drum patterns and blast beats as well as heavy death metal influenced guitar work. The vocals from the track are very impressive and in your face. Alex’s lows are comparative to those of Keith Nolan of LEFT TO VANISH (RIP) which is a big compliment being that Keith was a beast.

The EP is a solid, heavy release that showcases Alex’s hard work on all instrumentations and extensive writing process. Not many bands, let alone solo artists, can release something as well written and thought out as Upon Our Creation’s debut release. If you are a fan of pure destruction, wanting to kick and punch anyone around you and just raw, pure aggression, this release is definitely for you. The EP is available for free (or donate any amount) on Bandcamp and can be found clicking here. Definitely worth listening to and checking out. I personally anxiously await to here more from this artist.


Well thought out
Unique guitar patterns
Variety of changes and transition

Drums a little too synthetic




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