Today I bring you an interview with Demether Grail Domari from Grailight (ex-Arcane Grail). This brilliant Russian musician has a lot to say so lets get this underway.


TMF: Hi, please introduce yourself?

DGD: Helluva! I am a musician, singer of bands GRAILIGHT (,
ZMEY GORYNICH (, Chatalhuyuk (,
Revelations of Rain ( and Nimphaion (
Also, I’m the owner of the symphonic black metal label «GRAILIGHT PRODUCTIONS» (
and session poet, arranger and vocalist. Oh yes, and a journalist, publicist at different Russian metal-resources and etc.

TMF: How did you form Arcane Grail?

DGD: I formed ARCANE GRAIL in the winter of 2002 with a classmate, scored the other musicians at newspapers’ ads.
Line-up were changed surely. More or less with the same lineup we have released two albums in 2006 and 2009 years.

TMF: What caused the creation of Grailight?

DGD: By 2013 in ARCANE GRAIL only I stayed one. All people have thrown the music and started normal life.
I came up with a new much better name and decided to give new life, new breath to my band. Although continuing the musical traditions of AG, brought them to a new level. Correctly to take it all as the renaming in connection with the “age initiation” of the band.

TMF: How did you get into your music?

DGD: I heard in my school years Rammstein, began to get involved into metal music alone, a year later I discovered black metal. Then, as it usually happens at all, I wanted to start my own band. There were theme ideas for lyrics and music by that time.

TMF: What inspires your music?

DGD: Hmm, just my imagination, which has no limits, it seems. Love in my heart. Pop music, yes. And exceptionally the good mood!

TMF: What bands do you draw influence from?

DGD: In my early years, there were Therion, Cradle of Filth and King Diamond. Now, I havent influences, cause I havent now favorite bands and genres, I’m just music-lover and love all from Braindrill to Nine Treasures, from Myrath to Galar…

TMF: What is your favorite song you wrote and why?

DGD: Mm, very hard question. I love all my songs in all bands. But… I try – if you take the lyrics, it is a “Sacred Gift of Love” by ARCANE GRAIL (2011). And if the music, then it’s probably some song from the new album of GRAILIGHT, maybe “Selena’s Sunless Grief”.

TMF: What are some of your favorite bands?

DGD: I love so many bands now. Ok, let it be Septicflesh, COF, Origin, ETOS, Rhapsody, King Diamond, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Belphegor, Powerwolf, Temnozor, My Dying Bride, Slayer, Therion, Orphaned Land, Nile, Dark Funeral, Alestorm, Immortal, early COB, Ambehr, Kartikeya, Blackthorn.

TMF: What’s your favorite metal genre and why?

DGD: I think doom/death metal – the number 1, pagan metal – the number 2. Doom/death is really soulful music, the most beautiful in metal, it touches me very deeply!

TMF: What genre do you dislike most and why?

DGD: No such genres. I do not listen to hardcore, stoner and sludge, but that does not mean that I hate them,
just do not like, its not mine, but it’s good music.

TMF: How do you get inspired to write music?

DGD: It’s all very spontaneous. Usually when I have a good mood and there are no problems, I’m somewhere drive – here babah, and into my head the verse, melodies and ideas ride on their wings. Sometimes this does not happen for several months, and sometimes for 2 weeks in a row inspiration does not let my mind.

TMF: What are some of your songs about?

DGD: Basically, my songs are about Love, finding the meaning of life, man’s place in the Universe, the search for truth to mankind.

TMF: How is the metal scene in Russia?

DGD: Russian metal-scene is a great, and list of many good bands in all genres. Especially noteworthy are our doom/death, pagan, symphonic black and brutal death bands. We have many very good record-studios now too (Arsafes Studio, Kiv Records, Anthropocide, Primordial).

TMF: What bands from Russia do you look up to?

DGD: Except my 6 bands, the best bands of Russia in my opinion are Kartikeya, Atoll Nerat, Blackthorn, Ambehr, Stigmatic Chorus, Little Dead Bertha, Svarga, Butterfly Temple, Smuta, Grai, Satanakozel, oh so many…

TMF: What is your favorite album that you can never get tired of?

DGD: Haha, I think its Covenant “Nexus Polaris”, Severnye Vrata “Na Voynu” and Temnozor “Folkstorm of the Azure Nights”.

TMF: Best experience and worst experience on stage?

DGD: The very first concert of AG on Halloween 2002 was the best yet. Although concerts in Poland were also awesome!
Worst concerts are always the ones where there is no impact from the public, and people in the audience – 10-20, too, such concerts were enough. Specifically, with some terrible accident the concert, fortunately, was not.

TMF: If you could work with any other musicians, who would they be?

DGD: Especially with anyone, I’m happy to work with Arsafes.

TMF: Where could someone buy your music?

DGD: At me through e-mail or facebook yet.

TMF: What label will be releasing your music and how did you sign the deal?

DGD: For GRAILIGHT I’m in search for European label now and have no deals with some yet.

TMF: Any last words?

DGD: Do not sag under the changing world, listen to good music, watch the news from my bands and do not be afraid Russia!:)

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