Today we got to speak with Denmark’s death metal band Deiquisitor!

MPM: First off, those who don’t know the band, would you introduce yourselves to what you do for the band?

D: I’m Daniel, I play bass, a bit of singing and have been in the band since late 2014.

MPM: How are you guys doing during these unprecedented times and has creating new music been a motivation to the band?

D: The motivation has always been to make new music, can it be anything else? If you are in a band and your motivation is to make money or become famous, then you are a fake and a poser.
We rehearse 2 times a week and have done so for years. For us it’s about getting together to jam new ideas! Recording, playing live and everything else is secondary.

MPM: You guys are based out of Denmark, how is the extreme metal community like in comparison to other countries worldwide?

D: I don’t know how it is in the rest of the world or Denmark. We like to hang with the Undergang guys and J from Night Shroud Records but other than that we are not really into the whole scene and mostly just keep to ourselves.

MPM: Your latest offering Humanoid been released for quite sometime and I can safely say that the music not only met my expectations but it was just incredible front to back. Has this been a difficult process and time prior to older releases or was this just a comfortable place to know what the music stands out to be?

D: Thanks for the support and the kind words about the EP. No it has been much the same process as beforehand, we make the songs and release them and when we are ready, we either record in our own studio Phlegm Productions or as for Humanoid, we went to a studio called No Masters Voice in CPH.

MPM: The band’s been with Night Shroud Records for quite awhile. How’s the label been treating Deiquisitor and what’s it like being in such a wonderful label to be exposed within the underground scene?

D: It’s not only Night Shroud Records that has been supporting us a long time, labels like Ancient Darkness Prod, Extremely Rotten Prod, Dark Descent Records, Headsplit Records and Me Saco un Ojo Records have all supported us in many ways. We are eternally grateful for the support all them have given us and hope to do more work in the future with them!

MPM: Are there any particular songs off on Humanoid that resonated to the music? If so, what track could that be?

D: ohm. All of them! They are all made around the same time and with the same mindset, lyrics around the same ideas, so they just fit together from start to finish.

MPM: Since shows are obsolete for the time being and we don’t know when it’ll return, what was the inspiration to create Humanoid being a EP release rather than a Full-length album?

D: All the songs were made before covid-19 came around, so there being no shows, has had no impact on this in any way. But we wanted to make an EP on 45rpm, like they did in the 90s and we had 6 songs that fit perfectly.

MPM: When I first got into Deiquisitor around 2018 during the sophomore album of Downfall of the Apostates I noticed there’s a lot of old school death metal influences from Immolation, Dead Congregation, Drawn And Quartered and bits of Adversarial. What makes Deiquisitor so special being from Denmark to stand out from the rest of the band’s?

D: Everyone hears something different and you all have your own ideas of how we sound and are influenced by but we don’t hear it or see it. We are just influenced by wanting to make extreme music and the 90’s mindset of just doing what the fuck we want to. I don’t know if that makes us stand out from the rest, it doesn’t matter. they do what they want to and we do what we want to!

MPM: When shows were around, do you prefer recording new music and play live shows in supporting for new records, or live shows to engage with thousands of fans worldwide to connect with them?

D: I have sort of answered already. It’s fun to play live and meet people and all that, but it’s about being in the rehearsal room for us.

MPM: The band’s been around since 2013, what was the inspiration in creating Deiquisitor and why death metal is the genre to be decided apart from rest of other genres?

D: Thomas and Henrik had been playing in the black metal band Blodfest for years before Deiquisitor and they felt they had done what they needed to with that and wanted to get back to their roots in death metal from the early 90s.

MPM: If Deiquisitor had their own dream lineup tour in the foreseeable future, what bands would you all like to bring?

D: I don’t know. We were on one tour for a week in 2016 with Undergang and that was fun, so them again would be a good time. We don’t have time to go on long tours, so it’s not a priority for us.

MPM: Are there upcoming releases in 2021 most anticipated for? If so, what bands are excited to hear?

D: I’m sure Extremely Rotten Prod, Night Shroud Records, Dark Descent Records or any of the other labels mentioned will put out some sick releases in 2021.

MPM: If Deiquisitor wasn’t a band anymore, what occupations would you guys see yourself in the upcoming years?

D: Some other form of extreme music. that’s 100% sure. we like making music and if it was not DM, then it’s just something else.

MPM: Before we close the interview I would like to personally thank you guys for doing this with me. It’s been a tough time with many people not seeing loved ones or even friends and family. Are there any last words to wrap up or upcoming information/ announcements for the future of Deiquisitor?

D: Thanks for taking the time to interview us and the support with the music we put out. If anyone is interested in any music we made, then check out our label Bandcamp:

or any of the labels mentioned to support death metal and the extreme music underground!
We are not stopping making new music, find us on Facebook to keep up to date!




Interview by Jake Butler


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