We took a moment to speak with American brutal death metal band Abhorrent Deformity about their latest album, current state of brutal death metal and much more.

MPM: Please introduce yourselves to what you do in the band

AD: Jason Keating – guitar

Matthew Green – drums

Dave Wright – bass

MPM: How was Abhorrent Deformity formed and where did the name originate from?

AD: The band was formed in 2013 by Matthew and Blake Scott (former guitarist). They had been playing together in a project called Endless Oblivion. As for the origin of our name, we wish there was a cool story behind it; but it just sounded cool at the time.

MPM: As a Death Metal band, whom are some of the biggest musical influences to be in a band?

AD: Suffocation, Gorguts and Aborted

MPM: You guys are based out of North Carolina, what you guys think about the scene in the state?

AD: We all live relatively close to the NC/SC border, which makes it easy to find shows to go to. The scene has been growing a good bit over the last few years. We’ve got a lot of killer death metal bands; Lecherous Nocturne, Lust of Decay, Cesspool of Vermin, Purulent Necrosis (Matt’s other band), Ergodic, Mo’ynoq, Enthean, Dear Mother War, and the list goes on. There are always plenty of shows to go to, you just got to look around.

MPM: You guys have released the latest album, “Slaughter Monolith” through Comatose Music. How was the songwriting process compared to Entity Of Malevolence?

AD: Completely different in every aspect. Slaughter Monolith was Keating’s first album with us, and he brought a lot to the table creatively. Typically, Keating would come up with a song idea, record it, and send it to the rest of the group to gather our input. Since most of the material was originally written in 2016, we had plenty of time to go back and make revisions along the way. It was all too common to have a song “completed”, but then find ourselves rewriting it a few weeks later. Overall, we put a lot more time into this album, and having Keating there really pushed us to further develop our sound.

MPM: What’s it like being signed to one of the most respected labels like Comatose Music?

AD: It’s like going into business with a great friend with a welcoming attitude. Steve has been the perfect person to work with for this release as well as the last one. It is always a privilege to be apart of such a massive slam and brutal death family.

MPM: Lyrically, you guys write songs about murders, Death and horror Themed lyricism. What was the inspiration behind the new album?

AD: The new album deals a lot with the anger and frustration associated with social and personal constraints.

MPM: If you guys brought a dream lineup tour you folks would love to bring who would you choose?

AD: Aborted, Cattle Decapitation, Fallujah, Archspire, and The Zenith Passage

MPM: Are there any particular releases of 2018 looking forward to?

AD: Terrorvision – Aborted

Algorythm – Beyond Creation

The Misanthrope – Abysmal Torment

MPM: Any advice for upcoming musicians wanting to start a band?

AD: Go to local shows. Make friends and establish a connection between musicians that goes beyond instruments and talent.

Learn from everyone, and learn your favorite bands songs. Write new songs constantly. Have fun and don’t let trolls put a damper on things. Be excellent to each other.

MPM: Finally, are there any last words wanting to inform your fans for the future time being?

AD: The next album will be, in our minds, better and more thought out. We’ve listened to everybody’s input on the new album and have started the process of bringing something that is unique and creative for us. We will bring what fans of this music can really enjoy…. and not hit the skip button.

Abhorrent Deformity
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Interview by Jake Butler



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