ALOR – Haerfest


Have you ever listened to a relaxing yet entrancing album that made you feel like you were at peace? This album is one of those ones that makes you feel that way. ALOR is a Neofolk/Dark Metal solo project from Spain created by Mikael Black (Lyset). It was founded in early 2013 and his debut album Haerfest was recorded during the summer of that year.

It is extremely hard to classify this album due to the fact that this album has so much going on in it. The first and longest track “While The Fall Paints These Woods In Red” alone has everything good you could hope for in a metal album wrapped up into it. From slow melodic interludes to the sound of rain, this song truly puts the listener at one with nature. The acoustic guitar in the track “Ludensgaturnar” add to the journey the album takes you on. Other tracks such as “Näcken” alternate between slow and melodic and a folk black metal tempo change along with transitions between acoustic and electric guitar riffs. The vocals in the songs come out almost like a whispered spoken word which truly adds to the songs atmosphere. You can hear the influence of Agalloch, Opeth and Ulver in the album. Black’s musical composition on this release is truly magnificent and a masterpiece.

This album like I said is a tough one to describe because I was probably to busy being hypnotized by it, dreaming as if I was out in a forest, wandering through the trees and at peace and alone. All I can leave you with is just take a moment away from the daily life and give this album a listen, you won’t regret it.


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