GRAVEWORM – Fragments Of Death


The Italian melodic black/death metal group Graveworm released Fragments of Death October 21st through Nuclear Blast Records. The album has been noted to be a mixture of the best of the last four releases as well as some old school roots and also noted to be a darker release than the past albums.

The album’s main topic if you have not picked up on it yet is death in its thousand faces as reflected in the album art and title. Each track represents a way to die. As stated by vocalist Stefano Fiori, “For example, song six is about the happenings in Japan. Other songs are about war, which sadly still exists in the world these days.” The album is a true concept of what we think about constantly, all the death and dying in the world.

Now musically, this album is a dark, mystical and melodic masterpiece which follows perfectly after Diabolical Figures from 2009. The album delves more into the melodic death metal realm but is relished with a bit black metal and nineties gothic metal. Within the first two tracks, ‘Insomnia’ and ‘Only Death In Our Wake’, Graveworm unleashes a brutal onslaught. You may think right away that this is just a ferocious and heavy death metal album until ‘Absence of Faith’ which is mid-paced with piano and a nineties gothic/doom metal feel. Each song as well has variety as heard in ‘Living Nightmare’ which has really fast rhythms but also has an epic touch. ‘The World Will Die In Flames’ may have an instrumental start but goes straight into blastbeat ferocity. The track ‘Anxiety’ as noted before, is dedicated to the victims of the disaster in Japan. This track we do hear female vocals but not a sweet gothic lady, we hear a firm woman. A video has been shot for ‘See No Future.’ The track is heavy and fast but turns to slower paces. A very catchy track, probably the album single. The instrumental track ‘The Prophecy’ has a mysterious and mystical touch to it as you can hear an oriental touch with the sounds of violin. ‘Remembrance’ and ‘Where Angels Do Not Fly’ both have guitar work in vain of Amon Amarth. ‘Old Forgotten Song’ in between gives air to those who need it. The special edition release features an old favorite newly recorded titled ‘Awake.’

All tracks were recorded with the melodious guitar skills of Thomas Orgler and Eric Righi as well as the atmospheric keyboard melodies by Sabine Mair. This album is sure to please any metal fan so go out and have a listen.


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