NASHEIM – Solens Vemod


NASHEIM is an enigma that is enshrouded behind a veil of darkness to most because of the band’s years of silence since their split in 2007 with Angantyr. Many have asked when will there be a release from the Swedish black metal project of Erik Grahn but have heard silence till now. Solens Vemod is the debut release from Nasheim that is here to bring hope to the modern black metal scene. Many may be asking right now to themselves, “well what took Nasheim so long to write and record this album?” Well I’ll answer that in the following.

Solens Vemod sounds like Erik spent all that time perfecting his sound and making every passing second an aural assault. You will be questioning where has Nasheim been all your life as a metal fan and playing this album on repeat. Every track (a total of four tracks ranging in the ten minutes or more time frame per song) is well written and composed and full of emotion and sorrow. Not in the way that depressive black metal really makes you feel when listening but almost like an unearthly trance listening to the way the vocals are projected with raw power and the guitars go from soft and eerie to fast and captivating.

Any suggestions that would have been made such as a clearer production or using a real cello and violin instead of synths, they have been made during the long years of writing and recording this album. All areas of this album is what you want to hear in black metal releases. There is no low quality recording, heavily distorted or unclear vocals, overused blast beats or repetitive riffs. This album is a breath of fresh air to black metal music and is a huge step, in my eyes, in the progression of the genre.




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