MACBETH – Neo-Gothic Propaganda


I know I’m a little late because I’ve been meaning to post this review for a bit now but here it is now! This album is definitely a great transformation that MACBETH has been going for and well worth listening to. If you didn’t know, Macbeth is an Italian gothic metal band that formed in 1995. Many of their previous releases dipped a bit into the gothic black metal sound, especially like the 1998 release Romantic Tragedy’s Crescendo which had more death metal vocals and some black metal type screams.

Neo-Gothic Propaganda is definitely more of a straight ahead gothic metal release. The vocal focus is more on singing between the male and female leads with few harsh vocal parts. The synths are more present on this release than previous albums as they dance hauntingly between the guitars and Morena Rozzi’s female lead vocals which stand out similarly to bands like Lacuna Coil and Flowing Tears. They do not go into the operatic type sound at all which is good since many bands in the gothic realm tend to lean that way as they progress. The songs stay along the path of true gothic metal sound with synth patterns that lead ahead as guitars come into play and drum patterns never stay dull within each track. The singing parts are very well placed into the album so that it isn’t too overbearing and completely fading out the harsh vocals but definitely more present here than before.

Overall, this release may be the band’s true proof of progression away from the gothic black metal sound and more into the gothic metal area but it shows that they can really do it well. The musicianship and composition is truly outstanding and very unique as well as familiar to those who are listening for the first time. A few moments of the album may remind you of that traditional gothic metal, almost gothic rock sound but still different when those moments of harsh vocals surprise you at all the right times. This album is a different route for those who have been fans of the band for a while and have seen the steady transition but nonetheless is it not a true masterpiece of gothic metal art. The album is available for purchase through iTunes, the band’s website or their record label, Dragonheart Records’ website.




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