THE CLOCKWORK DEITY – An Anthology of Human Sickness

For those of you that like your metal extreme, this is for you. English deathgrind band The Clockwork Deity released their EP back in May. Not only is it fast as hell and doesn’t take it’s foot off the accelerator, but it also manages to add atmospheric elements in almost every song. The “Prelude” kicks us off with some very creepy vibes, then immediately getting very fast at the end. This launches into “Razorblade Suicide”, which starts at 1000 mph. This song is incredibly brutal, and brings in some influence from slam. This is followed up by “Resisting Possession Through the Consumption of Internal Organs”. This song slows the album down a tad without taking down the heaviness.

As I’ve said before, variation in pace goes a long way in making sure you the listener stays listening, and it works very well here. “Spontaneous Abortion” is both something that’s very fun to think about, and the last song on this short EP. It kicks off with a soft piano before launching into the main body of the song. The atmosphere is strong on this track, and it ends the EP on a high note. If you like your music fast and unrelenting. This is for you. It’s definitely not your typical run of the mill deathgrind either, so you’ll definitely experience something new.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Sam Hookom



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