COFFIN MULCH – Septic Funeral

Coffin Mulch are a upcoming old school death metal band from the depths of Glasgow, Scotland and after hearing this album front to back I’m immediately a fan of the band. Released by Redefining Darkness Records, this album has a wide variety of genres including death doom, traditional death metal and very little hints of technicality thrown into the mix where it brings me pleasure coming from a fan of the genre for so many years. Musically, this record has such a huge influence on the mid 90’s era of death metal anywhere from Autopsy, Nihilist, Dismember and Carnage but Coffin Mulch’s approach, sound and formula recapturing that essence for the genre feels fresh, dynamic and extremely pummeling.

Production wise here is absolutely top notch as the instrumentals feel fiercer, angrier, very bleak sounding and giving that thought-provoking touch of the death/doom signatures not only is extremely satisfying to hear where the band wants to incorporate different elements and components to the table but I personally think they’ve done a magnificent job keeping the dynamism in place without feeling distorted or fleshed out. Just hearing songs like Carnivorous Subjugation, Coffin Mulch and
Septic Funeral brings out that HM2 influence from the Massive Killing Capacity era of Dismember due to the rawness and abrasive sound but does give it a nice contemporary and modern day approach where it does feel appropriate and stays its welcome.

Lyrically, this band sure loves their passion for horror and death as its generally favorable by many death metal bands but for Coffin Mulch’s comprehensible and process for writing these songs brings it up a notch. But for a debut EP, not only this is on par as one of the most crafted and ambitious death metal releases in 2021, but for extreme metal altogether. Septic Funeral promises to disenbowl and dislocate any part of your body if you want a album featuring such catastrophic and punishing pieces of music for the new generation of death metal then Coffin Mulch is definitely the band for you.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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