Cemetery Filth are a upcoming death metal band hailing from Atlanta, Georgia and are unleashing a brand new full-length through Unspeakable Axe Records titled Dominion. Borrowing heavy influences of American and European bands more leaning towards Floridan old school death metal, Cemetery Filth have arrived to create their own take and vision to make the most heaviest, hard-boiled and established releases to come out in 2020 that I recall. From sickening vocals, technical musicianship, progressive instrumentals and talented craftsmanship this album penetrated barriers and destructive forces to hear such devoured and menacing aggression catapults the songs making the selections beautifully well made and not to mentioned each track are scattered throughout the killer album’s lyrical content where each member of this band does a outstanding job as each instrument doesn’t rely too much technicality or progression but the overall statistics and influences being borrowed from Autopsy, Obituary, Asphyx and Morbid Angel is a great representation what these musicians have been trying to find their sound.

Musically, lyrically and atmospherically speaking, the musicianship and musical progressions is tighter, stronger and extremely comprehensive where each instrumentals are clean, sharp and organic. While some songs may borrow the same prevalent structures of extreme musicality, their compositions and songwriting is the best highlight on the album and it truly shows why the underground extreme metal scene is becoming more and more impressive as each band within the genres of the death metal community are heavily relying on just crafting perfection upon another. Dominion is catastrophic, aggressive, progressive and disgustingly heavy those wanting to recapture the 90’s death metal with a modern twist is going to love this album front to back.


Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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