Took a moment to talk with the great Brazilian black metal masters PROFANE CREATION. Rochesther talks to us about the start of the band, their beliefs, the struggle and everything in between.


TMF: Please introduce yourself

PC: Here’s Rochesther (guitar) in Profane Creation, since the birth of the band in 1991.

TMF: How did you start Profane Creation?

PC: We were gathered together among friends and decided to form a Metal band just for leisure times.

TMF: How did the band meet?

PC: We were at school that time, so we join some friends and start to play, by the first time Profane Creation was more Death Metal, a mix between Sarcófago and Napalm Death styles, more or less, but after some months we defined and refined more the songs and we got the style of today.

TMF: How did you name the band?

PC: We join same ideas and names, but really, by the final remains to choose between two, Profane Creation or Warmaster, songs from Bolt Thrower album but with names that sounds very well for a band and we dediced to Profane Creation , due to our lyrics be more about profanations haha.

TMF: How did you get into black metal?

PC: Because is the Metal style we like more.

TMF: What inspires your music?

PC: Everything I think, basically, because affects our personal feeling to compose.

TMF: Why was there a few gaps of silence in the band?

PC: From the years 1996 to 2014 Profane Creation rested dead, actually we try to come back some times but with no success, The main reason was by personal reasons, work, to study, because in Brazil you never earn money with a band, just spend a lot, so we stopped…. but, as the evil survive here are we !

TMF: What bands inspire you?

PC: There are a lot, but some examples: Samael, Destruction, Slayer, Kreator, Immortal and Northern Black Metal in general.

TMF: What are your band’s lyrics about?

PC: Profanation, Satanism, and some kinds of human behavior, but we aren’t into satanic cults or alike, we just talk about.

TMF: How does the album writing process work for you guys?

PC: We wrote lyrics, I create some guitar riffs and to present to the others, and so we chose that will remain, and each one completes the music with their instruments after we chose the ideal lyric for the music and is ready.

TMF: What genre of metal do you like most and dislike?

PC: We like all Metal style, Black, Thrash and Death more than other, but we listen to all Metal and even some rock bands some times. Of course some thing we dislike, Ghost, Suicidal Tendencies, Nirvana, and others in this way, we don’t listen to this kind of music.

TMF: What are your views on today’s new metal scene?

PC: More weak than was in the past, but today there are much more bands around the world, Metal is not more stronger but there are very much more people that have access to Metal today, I don’t know if this is good or not, there is less quality in the bands, but there is more people listening to metal than in the past, although nowadays the most people do not listen to metal only, they listen all kind of music.

TMF: How is the metal scene in your area?

PC: More or less, weak, we live in São Paulo state, there is a lot of bands, but none so expressive, only old like Vulcano, Korzus, Attomica, R.D.P., MX and others from 90´s, In Brazil extreme Metal is strong On the south States, Krisium comes from there and in MG state due to Cogumelo releases in the past as Sarcófago, Sepultura, sexTrash, etc…

TMF: What is your favorite song by your band and why?

PC: Alone in the Abyss and Supremacy, are my favourite songs, there’s no special reason for this.

TMF: If you could tour with any bands, twho would you pick?

PC: Today I think Inquisition due to our split together with. Would be great.

TMF: Do you think religious and political views should be in metal music? Why?

PC: I think no, specially political, let it to the punk bands hahahaha, religious some times is not so bad to put into the music but I see music as art, and I think this can not to be so serious sometimes, of course if the music is aggressive should to attack and to shock people, or not, as someones just wanna have fun, but if the band choose Black Metal of course religious themes will be in their music.

TMF: Does black metal have to be satanic to truly be black metal? If so, why?

PC: I think yes, but I’m not satanic hahahahahaah, if you be radical, yes Black Metal as the name say, must be satanic, however, I see music as freedom, and also I think that is True Black Metal not so satanic, maybe nature and dark themes could be inputed into Black Metal with no problem.

TMF: What are your plans for the next release?

PC: For the end of this year 2014 we plan to record our new album, by Hammer of Damnation Records same released our 2 latest CDs with songs from our demos, the new album will contain some new songs and some (3 or 4) old songs re-recorded and Hammer of Damnation confirmed this release also in LP version, great !

TMF: What are your plans for Profane Creation this year?

PC: To record our new album and to play some gigs, for 2015 we’re planing a Europe and Americas tour, hope happens all right…

TMF: Any last words?

PC: Thank you Neil Andersen and The Metal Foundry for giving us a place to expose our ideas and news on the band and Thank you who are reading this, hope meet you some gigs, add us in face or twitter for news, Metal Rules, aways \m/


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