We got a chance to talk with Agathon of the symphonic black metal band GLOOMY GRIM to discuss the beginnings, the occult, horror movies and more. Read below


MP: Please Introduce yourself:

GG: I am Agathon, lead singer & main music maker of GLOOMY GRIM

MP: How did Gloomy Grim begin?

GG: It all began in 1984 as HELLSTORM. I got my first influences as a teenager from the bands like VENOM, HELLHAMMER and BATHORY. HELLSTORM ended quite soon, but the title “Fuck The World, Kill The jehova!” remained. GLOOMY GRIM used it as the first demo name. I wanted to create dark music, music from the depth of the Darkest Pit of Hell and with no compromises from any other band members, therefore I started GLOOMY GRIM as a one-man band, but after the music evolved, I took more members in the band. The biggest inspiration has always been the dark life itself and the soundtracks of the horror films I collected.

MP: The name kind of answers itself but what made you guys decide on “Gloomy Grim?”

GG: Because I wanted that band name reflecs of what we are Most GLOOMY and most GRIM

MP: How did the members meet?

GG: I have known Lord Heikkinen from early -90´s or so he was obvious choice for guitarist. Other members came pretty much same way. I have known them before I asked them to band. Now we start to practice with new member, who comes as second guitarist. We have been with just one guitarist for so long, so I decided that we need second again. Especially for live shows, as most of our songs are made for two guitars.

MP: What is the inspiration behind your music?

GG: Mainly horror film soundtracks, lyricwise antichristianity, occult, ghost stories & Death

MP: “Under the Spell of the Unlight” was the last full length released, tell us about the inspiration and writing process behind it?

GG: The whole story behing “Under…” is told in the lyrics, but main thing is that I moved to an old cabin within the woods and there happened strange things, whose I could not believe ever happen. It is just an diary of those happenings, therefore the songs are titled as they are.

MP: The “Grimoire” demo was released last year, is it a precursor to a new full length?

GG: Yes it is. Like said, it is just a demo. I have now enough material to start to do full album and practicing starts at first week of 2016. Plan is that it is going to be out before summer.

MP: What made you decide to incorporate symphonic elements into your music?

GG: Actually at first it went other way. Symphonic things were main thing and guitars were just following them. Now it is more mixed. I mean that there is parts, where there is no symphonic elements at all, just basic Metal intruments. At first it was not like that. Synths were always there.

MP: You have played with other bands, does it differ from your work in Gloomy Grim?

GG: Mainly it differs in that way, that in GG I do all the music and all the decisions. When playing in other bands, I have to “take orders” from other members too.

MP: Are there any bands that have influenced you or the band through the years?

GG: Like said in earlier answer, there is lots of bands, whose I have listened when I was young (and still listening, of course) and maybde they have affected in my music, otherwise no.

MP: Will there be any tour plans for the new year?

GG: Not yet, but we just got booking management, so hope that they can arrange something. We like to do live shows.

MP: What is your take on today’s metal scene and music?

GG: I don´t listen much new bands. I am stuck to those Old Ones.

MP: Any words of advice to anyone planning to start a metal band?

GG: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law

MP: Any last words?

GG: Thanks for interview. Hope that all goes as planned and we get our new full-lenght out before summer 2016.

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