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So not too often (okay, maybe more than often) I like to listen to bands that aren’t just straight forward metal bands but more influenced by metal than just pure metal. Nylon Pink is a all Asian-American female rock/metal band from Hollywood, CA. Don’t let the looks fool you. As the ladies may have the look of being innocent and cute, they’ll bite your head off. Let’s take a moment to hear from these lovely ladies and find out more about what makes them kick so much ass!

TMF: Please introduce yourself and the band:

Kiki: Lead guitarist of Nylon Pink
Rayko: lead singer
Katt: Hi my name is Kitt.E.Katt and I play bass.
Jamie: Drummer!!!

TMF: How did the members meet?

Kiki: I first met Katt when I was modeling for our jewelry line, Hello
Drama. Kaila and Katt noticed that I played metal guitar and asked me
to join. I found Jamie on a random whim when my ex-boyfriend was
playing a show. She was on the bill as a “solo drummer” so I had to go
check it out, and she shredded like a boss! We then found Rayko
through the grapevine and heard her singing an awesome Rage Against
The Machine cover and knew it was meant to be!

Rayko: I heard that NP was looking for a lead singer as Kaila decided
to become the band manager. I was on a tour with my band and I
couldn’t make the audition. So I sent a video of myself singing New
Black. They contacted me and invited me over to their studio. That was
my initial meeting with NP. This April was my first show with NP.

TMF: How did the band form?

Katt: Haha well this story is kinda funny. Kaila and I actually met
because we were dating the same guy! Of course neither of us had any
idea but the punk was trying to play us; too bad he wasn’t that smooth
hahahaha. We obviously weren’t fond of each other in the beginning
but after hanging out we had so much in common. Kaila needed a bass
player for Nylon Pink and that was the beginning of Nylon Pink. Kiki I
believe has the rest of story!

TMF: How did you decide on the name Nylon Pink?

Katt: We always get asked this question lol. Along with being
musicians we are also love fashion! I suppose our name is a bit of
dichotomy. Nylon is a lightweight yet strong fabric that is resilient
through any situation and color pink is quite the opposite of that.

TMF: How did you pick this style of music?

Kiki: The style of music comes from a fusion of all of our own
specific musical inspirations. Katt listens to hip hop, Jamie loves
Blink 182 and all kinds of rock/electro/hip hop, I love electro and
metal. We take all of those styles and mix them up in our tracks and
make what inspires us and what we love.

TMF: I hear a fusion of many styles including metal in your music, where
do you all draw influences from?

Kiki: I grew up playing and listening to classical piano music, and
then ventured off into some seriously heavy metal and black metal.
Guitar wise, I LOVE Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Alexi Laiho, Jeff Loomis,
Chuck Shuldiner, and so many more! Band wise, my favorite metal bands
are Behemoth, Opeth, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy, The Haunted,
Pantera, and the list could honestly go on forever!

TMF: How would you describe your musical style?

Kiki: Hello Kitty on acid. 😉

TMF: Who writes most of the music?

Kiki: We all have our own types of writing strengths that contribute
to each song. Some of us are great with lyrics, some of us add in
melodies and harmonies, and some write the track and structure it with
a producer. It’s all a team effort!

Rayko: So far NP songs have been written by various producers and
Fluff was written by NP’s ex-guitar player. Our friend / publicist (??)
Matthew Rivera wrote the lyrics on songs like 2AM. I’ve been writing
songs all my life for all the bands I’ve been with, and for others
also. So not only I will be contributing in the area, Kiki and I am
going to start corroborating.

TMF: What are the lyrics about in your songs?

Jamie: Love and a lil bit of drama!

TMF: What is your favorite song you have written?

Jamie: My favorite Nylon Pink song would have to be 2AM or Fluff!

TMF: How does it feel being the first and only all Asian female rock
band in America?

Rayko: Although it has gotten little less over the years, Asian girls has been stereotyped for too long. Though the certain images they have in mind of us can be our advantage to get their initial attention, from there the musicianship (including song writing) is the only way we can change their view of us. We work as hard as we can to get that part Solid, and that’s how we can earn their respect. As an Asian artist, I’ve always believed that I need to work 12 times harder than the male artists to earn it. So including the classical piano training I had since I was 5, I took many years in metal and opera vocal training back to back (Ron Anderson, Brian Williams (MI)…), guitar lessons, drum lessons, and violin lessons. I hope that all of our musical talents and dedications can help change the stereotyped images of all Asian females especially in the entertainment business.

TMF: With the bit of metal influences heard in the band, what metal
bands influence you?

Kiki: I know I mentioned them earlier, but if I had to add more, Dimmu
Borgir, Death, Nevermore, Dark Tranquility, In Flames,
Decapitated….huzzah! \m/

Rayko: They aren’t considered metal, but my influences have always
been RATM, Muse, STP, Foo fighters, and Jrock…

Jamie: I love more of the heavy grindcore like WeCameWithBrokenTeeth,
The Devil Wears Prada, Waking the Cadaver, Stick to your Guns, etc.

TMF: “The New Black” seems to really have an industrial and metal sound
to it, can you tell us more about how you all wrote that track and the
influence behind it?

Kaila: Hi, I’m the manager! I wrote the song with our producer Aidean,
its a girl power anthem about not being afraid to express your
individuality. We wanted to song to be epic!

TMF: Have you played with or toured with other metal bands?

Kiki: When I was in high school, my friends and I made a band called
Goat Fetus. It was br00tuhl.

Rayko: My other bands (again, won’t mention the names to be polite :))
have toured US for 2 months with Veruca Salt reunion tour, and toured
various states on top of that including opening for 3 label acts from

Jamie: My first band was a metal band called Silenced Conviction and
it was pretty br00tuhl as well.

TMF: How do you feel about today’s music scene?

Katt: I know everybody makes fun of the music industry today, there
have been so many changes but at the same time I think it’s really
important for us to embrace what is happening instead of being stuck
and thinking everything should be like what it was back in the day.
Don’t get me wrong, a lot of great artists haven’t been exposed lately
(which is quite sad but they soon will be) like anything in life,
everything changes so I’m excited about what will come up next! Like
in anything artistic, it’s important to find a balance of good music
and what is happening in the now, we need to adapt as well as being
true to who you are. I also think bands and instruments are coming
back so that’s awesome for us!

Rayko: Stale. Need something fresh. Though some of the European bands
like Muse and Icona Pop, For King and Country brings in innovative
sound to keep me hopeful

TMF: What bands would you guys like to tour with?

Rayko: Muse, Weezer, Flyleaf, Paramore, Halestorm, Lacuna Coil, and
I’ve toured with them before but would love to tour with Gacharic Spin
(an all female band from Japan) again. They are phenomenal and solid
musicians. Each and every one of them even have musical educational
DVDs out.

Jamie: Muse for sure, Blink-182, Shiny Toy Guns, Tegan and Sara, Lady Gaga..

TMF: What was your best performance you can remember?

Kiki: Our best performance was definitely the Sunset Strip Music
Festival. I just remember getting off stage and seeing Black Label
Society and Zakk Wylde shredding on the stage next to us… I thought I
could die a happy person right there!

Katt: The one show that stands out in my mind was playing at the Viper
Room! I remember when I was young and visiting LA and thinking I need
to play there! It’s not the biggest venue but I love the intimacy and
history of that place! The best part is having your friends out there
support you.

Rayko: Every performance is the best performance bc I give my all, and
leave the rest up to God. No matter how small the stage/crowd is it
makes no difference. The moment we connect with our audience is just

TMF: Any plans for 2014?

Kiki: Hopefully world domination. \m/

Rayko: Gearing up for our Midwest tour

TMF: Any last words? Where can we find your merch, tour dates and

NP: Find us on Youtube or Facebook!


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