MPM: First off, how are you doing today? Secondly, those unaware of who you are could you introduce yourself and your
contributions to Coldworld?

CW: Hi, I’m ok these days. The world is burning but I am safe so far – could be worse. To explain ColdWorld to people who don’t
know it is challenging…

It’s my brainchild. Putting emotions into music since 2005. Black Metal with the focus on atmosphere and soundscapes.
Darkness with a glimpse of light here and there. Winter but some comforting sun rays every now and then. Listen to it and you
will probably feel what I mean.

MPM: You handle all the lyrics, instruments, programming and many more since you created Coldworld in 2005. What is it
like creating music that is filled with emotion and detail for your style of black metal with ambient undertones?

CW: ??? actually I’m not sure how to answer this question. Sorry. But about the fact that I do everything on my own: It’s great to be
able to do everything on my own. I don’t have to make compromises. I put what I want and what I feel directly and unfiltered in a

MPM: You created this project in 2005 and reside from Germany which is home to many of the great bands from that country.
Anywhere from Kreator, Rammstein, Ahab, Helloween, Sodom, Scorpions, Necrophagist, Heaven Shall Burn and many
more. What makes Coldworld different musically than any other bands playing your style of extreme metal?

CW: Something you should probably ask listeners. I don’t compare myself and/or my music to other projects from the genre. Frankly
speaking I don’t listen that much to black metal in general. So, I can’t answer that question.

MPM: Most of your lyrics reflect on emptiness, suicide, and misanthropic themes. What inspired you to write lyrics that not
only are very intelligently written but to inspire you outside the box to explore different branches for future Coldworld

CW: To be honest, my lyrics are just a little part of the puzzle of ColdWorld and not too important to me. It’s something like a ‚bit of
salt to the soup‘. Usually I would put much effort in writing, composing and recording the music – like 90%. The last 10% are the
lyrics in which I reflect on life and death, the stupidity of humanity and nature…anything that affects me and comes to my mind.

MPM: Your upcoming album Isolation will be released through Eisenwald and is the follow-up to 2016’s Autumn which was
my introduction to Coldworld and I was pleasantly surprised on how expansive and diverse that record truly can to be.
Would you say this album is a new evolution and sound to Coldworld’s music?

CW: Isolation is different compared to anything I’ve done before. It has elements from the past and new influences. But in general
ColdWorld will go back to the roots a little more in the next years. The times of post rock parts are history.

MPM: What is it like being on the Eisenwald roster with many plethora of bands from Uada, Heltekvad, Panzerfaust and many
more that specializes in black metal and how has the relationship been working with the label to handle your records?

CW: I’m more than happy being on that label. The people are nice and taking good care of me and my project and I’m feeling
honoured to share space with such great bands like Velnias and Fluisteraars. It feels good having such a great label to work
with. It also takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders and allows me to focus on the creative process much more.

MPM: Musically, when I hear your music I get a lot of influences borrowed from many bands playing in this genre of music
anywhere from Thy Light, early Xasthur, Paysage d’Hiver and Midnight Odyssey. Who were your gateways getting into
heavier music and were you self taught learning music by ear or took private lessons and then worked from there?

CW: The only lessons I’ve ever taken were violin lessons. The rest is self taught. When I started doing CW I was listening a lot to the
so called DSBM bands as there are Shining, Bethlehem, Silencer etc. They were forcing me on the left path. But in fact my
musical inspirations are coming from many genres, I’m quite open mined and I don’t listen to black metal that much – nowadays I
prefer dark ambient and electronic stuff as much as jazz and classical music.

MPM: When writing Isolation, was this record a difficult task since you handle everything yourself solo or have you gotten
used to it on past Coldworld albums?

CW: It was very easy. When you are used to work alone a pandemic/quarantine does not change that much. I love working alone on
my music.

MPM: What would you say are your favorite tracks off on Isolation from a musical and lyrical point of view? Do you also feel
that lyrics are important to the music or should it solely be based on the listener to analyze it themselves?

CW: Hard to say. I don’t have a favourite track on ,Isolation’ and I personally don’t put too much focus on the lyrics in general. With
the years the way of writing the words changed a lot. Today my lyrics are more on the metaphoric side and kind of nebulous i’d
say. In the past I did not publish the lyrics at all bcs. of reasons.

MPM: In your humblest opinion, do you prefer recording new music and make albums in your own home and or studio or do
you like the presentation and energetic crowds hearing your voice and songs to get a sense what your project is

CW: That’s something to find out in future because I’ve played live only once so far (on Prophecy fest in Balve 2019)

MPM: What are some downtime hobbies or interests that you like to do on your spare time that fans may not know about

CW: Exercise in the fresh air. Biking, hiking, camping … Being in nature is my therapy.

MPM: If Coldworld were to create the ultimate dream lineup tour of past and current bands in extreme metal, who would you
like to bring out on tour in direct support to your project?

CW: What an interesting question. How about a tour with Shining and Silencer? But let’s not share a nightliner.

MPM: Any upcoming albums of 2022 you’re eagerly waiting to hear?

CW: Nope, but the new Porcupine Tree album is already out and quite good.

MPM: Before we wrap up this interview I like to thank you for taking the time in going over your music and I hope someday
Coldworld can play shows across the globe. Anything you like to add or say to your fans about any information regarding the future of Coldworld?

CW: ColdWorld is alive. Be prepared!
No gods – no masters!



Interview by Jake Butler



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