SUMMONING – With Doom We Come

Austria’s atmospheric black metal band Summoning is a band who’s musical branches touches the hearts and brilliance of metalheads to use their inspiration for Tolkien, Moorcock and nature themed lyricism and five years later we have With Doom We Come. Prior to 2013’s Old Mornings Dawn, With Doom We Come, an album that was evidently built on the ashes of leftover material from “Old Morning’s Dawn,” and the sound reflects that; it doesn’t deviate grossly from that style and is a continuation of the triumphant, wistful and morose atmosphere.

Their sound has gradually relegated the guitars to a background instrument, buzzing hypnotically behind it all, providing a subtle drive to the steadfastly mid-paced music. The synth, vocals and drumming take the reins as the songs march along martially, rife with triumphant sounds of trumpets, flutes and choirs. The atmosphere is rich as it is, and is even greater for those familiar with Tolkien’s work. Rather than prattling on about elves and junk here, I’d encourage you to look up the stories behind the song titles, it just makes everything all the more vivid.

Vocals are a light departure from previous albums; Protector’s deeper and gravelly voice is more prominent and contrasts starkly with Silenius’ harsher, distant shrieks bringing out experimentation at its finest. Members from Summoning explained With Doom We Come as a little brother to “Old Mornings Dawn,” and that’s an accurate description while songs including Silvertine and the emotional progression of Mirklands is asserting their presence to represent and showcase maturity.

With Doom We Come” shows Summoning returning as strong as ever and while their core sound hasn’t changed from the plodding, oneiric soundscapes we’ve come to know and love, but they offer up a few surprises here and there in a vibrantly atmospheric album that is fulfilling and extremely mesmerizing that any fans of past Summoning will enjoy this record.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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