Do you love your death metal experimented? Do you want a band that has Lovecraftian and Cthulhu lyricism? Well good news for you is back with a brand new album titled ION and is the continuation of 2013’s Vexovoid. With ION these Australians takes their music to a whole new atmosphere and there’s alot to discuss about the record. From the band’s technical, atmospheric, avant-garde inspired melodies and disturbing passages descending into the coldest nights, ION is extremely chaotic and versatile to the point you should give the album multiple listens to understand Portal’s horrifying imagery. The moment I discovered tracks such as Phreqs, Nth, Olde Guarde and my personal favorite being ESP ION AGE I couldn’t resist myself to hear a band incorporating technical, experimented, progressive, ambient and even some black metal compositions to be extremely well produced and not repetitive making ION a fantastically driven album.

ION takes Portal’s mind blowing guitar melodies, blast beats and riffs of guitars plastering faces melting and keeps reassembling the high velocity of of new levels branching out precision, aggression and variety is an ode to assaulted sodomy includes accessible instruments. The playing is cohesive and the material is very uncompromised which is never sloppy or lack of precision sounds keeping everything under control. Overall, Portal’s ION features a raw, extreme and showcases the band’s most crafted material they’ve done in recent memory and is definitely recommended for any fans of experimental, avant-garde, black, technical and modernized style of extreme music.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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