FYRDSMAN – Omen In The Sky

Tim Shaw

How often can a musician see what is done right in music and reinvent it to become better than what we thought was already the best? Tim Shaw, the man behind the force known as FYRDSMAN has done that. He captures the creativity found in the music of bands like Borknagar and Arcturus and blends in the atmospheric nature sought in Forefather and Walknut. With essences of Viking and Folk metal in the layers, Fyrdsman captures all that is wanted in a black metal release.

The musicianship and composition is very well thought out like chapters in a book. Synths weave through the guitar work and add to the atmosphere. The instrumentals don’t just drone on and sound like garbled air, you can actually hear his transitions which change from fierce and aggressive to atmospheric and haunting. Tim’s vocals have a piercing raspy sound that fits perfectly into the sound he has accomplished as well as his clean vocals that are comparable to that of Borknagar. The drums are not just repetitive patterns but are actually arranged to compliment his melodies.

Fyrdsman can be in a class of his own from this debut full length. His previous EP Forgotten Beneath The Soil from 2010 has seen high reviews so it can be expected with his three year gap of writing and improving that Omen In The Sky would come out as a masterpiece in the world of metal. I would place this album up there with Borknagar’s Empiricism and Drudkh’s Autumn Aurora. For anyone who truly appreciates refined, well themed and thought out black metal that features all the best elements found out there, Fyrdsman will be your new favorite band.





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