SEPTIC FLESH – Codex Omega

Symphonic Death Metal Greek act Septic Flesh have returned 3 years prior to 2014’s Titan and with the tenth full-length Codex Omega, Septic Flesh reformed their natural expectations as The Great Mass and Communion were incorporated concentrated on heavier orchestral elements with bigger, bolder, Atmospheric layers of intense brutality. Songs such as Dante’s Inferno, Portrait of a Headless Man, Our Church, Below the Sea and 3rd Testament (Codex Omega) continues the signatured Septic Flesh boundary of orchestral, cinematic, theoretical and mythological atmosphere that keeps the gratifying speeds of beautiful translation with sheer weight perfection as the songs progressively get cleaner, clearer and more tight orienteering production values produce the band’s most best sounds I’ve ever encountered hearing this album.

Vocals, choirs, orchestrations and electric instrumentals are perfectly balanced while the guitars have been upgraded to a more audible and accurate state top notch welcoming return. With the album released through Season of Mist and came out on September 1st, 2017 Codex Omega is perhaps the strongest, authentic, artistic and redefined albums in the band’s career. Perhaps Codex Omega’s strongest pinpoints is the amount of certifications and astonishing progressive layers of thick instrumentals, intelligent lyricism and the artwork reminiscent is best described as Lovecraftian inspired, Historical and Cultural organized demonstrations that naturally reflects the audible presentations that songwriting, atmospherics and passages are authentically balanced to absolute perfection. Septic Flesh not only returned a massive comeback to create a unique picture of expressive intelligence, but Codex Omega manages to follow a story so comprehensive that it felt like walking into Athens at the landmark of Greece’s finest day.

Codex Omega by Greek extreme metal band Septic Flesh shocked fans once again to take inspiration, creativity and artistic directions to showcase Symphonic/ Atmospheric Death Metal doesn’t stray heavy orchestral work and keeping the musicality stable and mid-paced. Lastly, Codex Omega is a world-class game changer with revolutionized, brilliantly thrown liberal lyrical intelligence, continues to push boundaries, expand horizons and a album beautifully composed, played and produced makes the work simple yet astonishing masterpiece.

Overall Score: 9.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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