7 H. TARGET – 0.00 Apocalypse


Russia has been bringing out some of the best underground metal bands lately but 7 H. TARGET is not your ordinary metal band. The technicality that bleeds out from this album is just unbelievable. Featuring the original vocalist of the already well known Russian death metal band Katalepsy, you can’t expect any less from this band. The album takes so many twists and turns that even categorizing it as technical death metal is an understatement.

The majority of the material is based on (and even features samples from) the Tetsuo films. The instruments sound like the workings of machinery and futuristic weaponry with the speed and fast-tempo rhythms. The tracks on the album do sound like a continuation of their previous release Psy Slam Damage which is definitely not a complaint as the 2013 release was a brutal masterpiece as well and why fix what isn’t broken? The guitar riffs are almost impossible to imagine anyone being able to do vocals and drums to but yet the drums are even crazier and faster than the brain can comprehend and the vocals are sludgy and bellowing the way they should be.

This album is how brutal death metal should be, well thought out, technical as all hell and pure heaviness. Be prepared to listen to this multiple times to truly appreciate every genius aspect of this release because it is impossible to listen to this album once and fully hear every part of it. 7 H. Target got it right on this album writing what was needed in this genre. You won’t hear regurgitated riffs from other bands, simple drum fills, or boring slams that have been done over and over again. 7 H. Target put out an album that is refreshingly brilliant, technical and heavy. This is the soundtrack to the apocalypse.


5.0 / 5.0


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