ANGELIC DESOLATION – Quorum Of Unspeakable Curses

I’m generally picky when it comes to death and thrash metal unless its mixed with black and death metal signatures. Angelic Desolation is a good example of what modern bands utilize in that department. Formed in 2006 from Denver, Colorado Angelic Desolation are a extreme metal outfit that combines multiple genres including death metal and even grind to a extent which generally speaking it pulls off miraculously well. Musically, this is not only a extremely well written EP but every song is filled with addictions containing the most fulfilling, chaotic and heaviest pieces of music there is to offer.

This release is incredibly embodiment of loud-hard in your face aggressiveness to have complex and progressive styled structures to keep instrumentals, vocals and production to be formulated and well toned. In terms of the musicianship, skill performance, more precise and diverse instrumentation work to heavily concentrate on thrashing, grinding and stirring the extreme metal arrangements aligned from one another, I can tell you for granted this EP is heavy, groovy at times and grindy to where I’m almost detecting a Exhumed-esque grindcore melodies and it just works beginning to end. Quorum Of Unspeakable Curses might just be a taste test and featuring short songs, but for a EP to create vicious, catchiness and overall extremities to unleash carnage front to back, you shouldn’t pass it up and Colorado’s Angelic Desolation are on the rise to make killer music for generations to come.


Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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