ABANDONMENT – Focused To Imminent Desolation

Formed in 2020 from Almería, Andalusia, Spain, Abandonment are a brutal death metal which in this case, the extreme metal scene in Spain is very devoted and any band on the Brutal Mind roster is always gonna be a exception since I love their style for its groovy, technical and very straightforward brutal death metal sound and with the debut full-length release of Focused To Imminent Desolation, this is some top notch quality of 45 minutes of pure carnage and ruthless pieces of aggressive music all around. To perfectly describe this album in its summary, their style is incredibly creative showcasing elements of technical, slam and brutal death metal with a unique twist behind the musical signatures. From the heart pounding and aggressive instrumentals, groovy drum sequences reminiscing of Internal Bleeding, Internal Suffering and Suffocation to the more grinding and compulsive style sounds of Abominable Putridity, Abandonment’s soundscapes, incredible atmosphere and instrumentals represented is nothing short but excellence.

With songs such as Falsehood and Anguish, Echoes Of The Past, Fall Of A Martyr, Obligatorily Deleted, and the album’s opening track of Symbolic Defeats consists of eerie vocals, grinding and suitable melodies with monolithic slabs of whirling speed these musicians show they aren’t necessarily afraid to slow things down but rather balance the instrumentation to become audible and presentable. For a new band in the brutal death metal scene, Spain’s Abandonment is quite entertaining to hear menacing brutal death metal and having to incorporate many musical elements while maintaining the band’s traditional sound is well designed and is definitely recommended for brutal death metal fans.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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