MORTUARY DRAPE – Spiritual Independence


Italy is full of amazing music, food and culture but when it comes to blackened death metal, the first thing that comes to mind is MORTUARY DRAPE. Many say they are Italy’s oldest black metal outfit, forming in 1987, but they are also one of the greatest in their genre. For those who do not know, it has been ten years since the band’s last full length titled Buried In Time. Now they are back with Spiritual Independence which sounds like the group has never missed a step and rather has kicked it up a notch.

Spiritual Independence is a full blown audial assault. Many fans were deeply disappointed with their last studio album due to the fact that it steered away from their original sound that was known by all fans through the 90s but after ten years of reconfiguring the band and reassessing their sound, they have returned to their roots moving from the known elements of aggressive and fast Italian metal to more of a gloomy and macabre state. Tracks like Lithany and Mortal Remains have an atmosphere of lingering gloom that blends with almost a old school death metal meets first wave Scandinavian black metal sound. The production is clear and clean without being polished which adds to the sound of their return to their roots. The guitars and bass interweave each other making the album more unique in just the fact that the bass is heard and prominent.

The group has put in all their effort and hard work into this release and it shows. No one should be disappointed with this album from the old school death metal fans to the black metal underground, this album belongs in your collection. Tales of grave desecration, morbid revelry and occult rituals have been told by Mortuary Drape since their inception and Spiritual Independence continues in this tradition which should leave any metal fan content. If you are a fan of dark and grim music that blurs the lines between black and death metal with a touch of ferocity and melodious texture, this album is for you.



5.0 / 5.0


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