Hailing from Canada, Nylist is a one man deathcore project fronted by vocalist, songwriter, producer and lyricist Fred Nylist. His EP titled Torn is only consisted of four tracks and if I were to describe his sound, imagine taking roots from deathcore, slam and downtempo with a dark, depressive and anxiety driven style of extreme metal this is basically what this record is all about. Stylistically, I love his vocal delivery since his range is extremely consistent in which his technique has grown so much just watching him doing vocal videos on social media. The production, instrumentals and deliverance he put on is fantastic as I truly feel his independence in creating these songs not only tell a fascinating story, but making them as compelling, comfortable and accessible all the way through.

The songs Dead End and Claustrophobic for example not only are heavy, melodic and technical at times but the fluidity of these tracks have executed very well and I feel the emotional factors in Fred’s lyrical content on Torn is sensational since it does revolve many lyrical themes whether it be depression, anxiety, horror and dissociation, he’s done a mighty fine job in portraying his independence making them feel as the listener is connected through his essence of just hearing such majestic pieces of music. I will also like to add for doing it himself as a solo musician its impressive to see a chapter and evolution to take him further onto what he’ll do next far as future material is concerned. Torn is a supernatural, experimental and overwrought record that has met my expectations and hope it does for you as well.



Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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