CRURIFRAGIUM – Beasts Of The Temple Of Satan

There’s not many black/death bands within the extreme metal community that can create vicious imagery and portraying darkness upon the everlasting realms of chaotic and animalistic musical horizons. Meet Crurifragium, a upcoming local band hailing from my hometown based in Washington State as their music influences ranges from Archgoat, Black Witchery, Revenge and Blasphemy but featuring a raw, old school and symbolic satanic driven themed hybrid fusions of black and death metal. Beasts Of The Temple Of Satan is a 31 minute journey that combines lo-fi production, blackened death metal signatures and a wonderfully displayed style of music that is beyond far detached from extreme metal that cannot be judged in the same category level. And yet even in such an small sub genre, Crurifragium have managed to develop their own artistic style with heavy dosages to boot up places above many of their peers.

From the blistering atmosphere of Unfurl The Banners Of Evil which demonstrates heaviness from the drums, echoed guitar melodies and vocals screeching with overpowered battle cries that’ll shiver down your spine to be endlessly shattered, misplaced and has the right amounts of craftsmanship keeps the album naturalistic as possible. Beasts Of The Temple Of Satan isn’t a masterpiece by all means but the members from Crurifragium clearly set out themselves to create a well executed and succeeded albums that’ll suit any fans of the blackened death metal realms for many years to come.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler


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