FALLOCH – This Island, Our Funeral

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Scotland has been a land of mystery that still has some untapped talent in the metal scene. When “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” by Alestorm released in 2008, everybody set their eyes on Scotland. Some amazing bands are emerging from the highlands with their atmospheric black/folk metal sound like Saor or with their melancholic sound from doom to post-metal, like Falloch, who have released their second album This Island, Our Funeral via Candlelight Records. This release is captivating to any listener. It is deep, dark and haunting. This is nothing new to the band with their 2011 release Where Distant Spirits Remain being a haunting release as well but this album is a darker dirge of longing and sorrow.

As the album begins with the opening track “Tòrradh,” solitary notes with strong distortion contrast against the melodic and forlorn voice in the background work perfectly in harmony. Acoustic guitar is still remembered and used among the album at all the perfect moments along with atmospheric interludes accompanied by piano. The post-metal sound is prominent throughout the album with the strong presence of sung vocals that bring deep emotions that will catch you off guard. In the melodic track “For Ùir”, Tony Dunn presents a very emotive performance using his clean vocals for a moment of pain. Almost as a contrast, desperation, sorrow and anger start to show in “Brahan” with the initial screams, but not for long, because Dunn’s clean and high-pitched voice will bring back full circle the post-metal wall of sound created by the full-bodied guitars and well-paced drums that lead into a classic doom metal feel to emphasize the emotions in Dunn’s lyrics. Falloch also present ambient passages, like in the middle of the song “I Shall Build Mountains”, this being the most introspective moment in This Island, Our Funeral.

If this album can teach us anything, it is that we all come from this Earth and that this will be our funeral grounds. The emotions and power behind this album is immense and incomparable to anything else you will experience. Falloch have really put in time and effort to truly make you think, make you feel and understand through sound. If there is one album this year that belongs on your list that is different, melodic and music to just wind down and take an escape from life, this is the one.


5.0 / 5.0


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