Enforced – War Remains Album Review

Thrash metal originated in the early 1980s, giving rise to many different sub-genres over the years. Today, it is considered to be one of the biggest powerhouses of metal.

Virginia’s crossover thrash metal crafters, “Enforced,” have recently released their latest record, igniting it with lighter fluid. “War Remains” is the band’s third full-length recording and follows up 2021’s “Kill Grid,” released through Century Media Records.

Enforced’s style of crossover and thrash metal is similar to other bands in the genre, such as Power Trip, Cro-Mags, and D.R.I. However, Enforced incorporates elements of speed and heavy metal tendencies, reminiscent of the days when thrash metal started to make its mark.

The instrumentation leads are engaging and highly entertaining, and the melodies are accessible and commendable. The band has done an excellent job of making every instrument sound clearer and fiercer.

The compositions on this album are commendable, and the arrangements are natural and well-matched. At times, the album demonstrates the growth and maturity of these musicians, who are extremely talented and know what they’re capable of, both musically and artistically.

Songs such as “Nation of Fear,” “Empire,” “The Quickening,” and the title track “War Remains” feature interesting melodic leads and artistic intelligence, showcasing the brilliance and imagery of the modern era of thrash and crossover.

“War Remains” is undeniably fresh and natural, and fans of crossover thrash should give this album many listens.

Overal Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler.


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