THE CRAWLING – In Light of Dark Days


A lot of amazing bands come out the United Kingdom such as Anathema, Cathedral, My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost and The Crawling lives up to where those bands left off. They describe their music as slow death metal which has a reminiscent sound of old Katatonia meets Amorphis. The music has that perfect foundation of death metal with a blanket of doom metal upon it.

The debut release by the group features three epic tracks that span almost twenty minutes. The misery that embodies each track draws the listener back into the “Eternal” days of Paradise Lost at times but more on the death metal side of the spectrum. The track “The Right to Crawl” has a doom death feel right from the start without fully going into the Katatonia or My Dying Bride path but borderlines it. The sludgy death metal riffs that intertwine with the doom atmosphere fit together perfectly throughout the track and continue into the following track “End of the Rope.” The second track opens with an eerie riff that will send shivers down the spine which leads into the slow death masterpiece of agony and misery. The tracks slow pace is only matched by riffs where you will find yourself headbanging. The final track “Catatonic” begins with the sound of rain and a drum beat similar to that of My Dying Bride’s “As The Flower Withers” days. The track drones through with a very dismal atmosphere as a perfect closer to the relatively short EP.

Now as a big fan of doom death metal, this EP is right up my alley. The moments of slow, agonizing doom that takes a left into the death metal path is perfect to keep the sound unique and enjoyable. For being a debut release, this will keep you hoping that a full length is right around the corner. Kudos to you The Crawling, you would make the metal gods very proud.


5.0 / 5.0


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