As someone who’s been into death metal for over a decade now, there’s been some incredible releases within the extreme metal scene for 2018. Meet Post Mortal Possession, a brutal death metal band formed in 2013 hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and they’ve been getting some exposure earlier in the year when the band gotten signed by Lord Of The Sick Recordings and is releasing the band’s first ever full-length titled Perpetual Descent. Post Mortal Possession have returned to create a punishing, assaulted and relentless record start to finish that will rip and tear your flesh off beginning to end.

Lyrically, atmospherically, musically and symbolically speaking, this is a album that’s not entirely for the faint of heart if you can tolerate viscous guttural vocals, chaotic drums, destructive guitars and distorted bass signatures. Right off the bat, these musicians combined traditional and modernized death metal structures with a unique combination of guttural brutal death metal instrumentals, imaginative chemistry and sensitive lyricism makes the song much more aggressive in a sense these dudes created naturalistic signatures with beautiful arrangements which in my opinion makes the variations a much more enjoyable experience.

From sharped, toned, and phenomenally crafted drumming to the polished production, Perpetual Descent is by Post Mortal Possession is a subterranean assault bringing out the band’s heaviest, constructed and aggressive pieces of music the band has done to date. It’s pummeling, diabolical and the most impressive releases I’ve heard this whole year.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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