ABYSMAL DAWN – Obsolescence

Formed in 2003 from Los Angeles, California, Abysmal Dawn are an American Death Metal band that plays a style of Occultism, loss, si-fi themed and socialized commentary Death Metal. Obsolescence is the fourth full-length album prior to 2011’s Leveling The Plane Of Existence released on October 24th 2014 through Relapse Records features 48:00 and ten destructive Death Metal essentials that combines Technicality and signifying boosts which gives these songs, production and acknowledged chemistry the album naturally reflects is absolutely glorious. From its clear guitar tones, chaotic and unpredictable instrumentals and neoclassical-esque melody with touch of European and Eastern US Death Metal sounding, Obsolescence by Abysmal Dawn is rhythmic, groovy and sprinkled technical styling that always moves the complimented truckloads smoothly and nicely.

Tracks such as By My Demons, Perfecting Slavery, Devouring The Essence Of God and my personal favorite being The Inevitable Return To Darkness really does a phenomenal job balancing technical Death Metal elements and traditional Death Metal formulated structured variations well as some Melodic Black Metal atmosphere from opening lead to Human Obsolescence and their cover for Dissection’s Night’s Blood sets the boundary whole an unforgettable measurements that raises a twisted, dark and acoustical stumbling guitars brings a resonating touching finishes that’s persevering the worshipped difference between multiple contemporaneous acts upon hearing this album is fucking incredible. Obsolescence by Abysmal Dawn also became my favorite album of 2014 simply because their philosophy, sophisticated and descriptive compromised background sounds manages to keep Abysmal Dawn’s roots and legacy for Extreme/ Death Metal a natural flow. From relenting speeds, Technicality and amazingly magnificent thickly layered mixtures, Obsolescence by Abysmal Dawn is simply put, their finest albums in the catalog that’s skilled, brutalized and calculated demonstrated so well.

Not to mention Abysmal Dawn are among my top ten favorite bands of all time and cannot wait to see what stirs up for this Death Metal outfit!

Overall score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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