DREAM THEATER – Distance Over Time


Since 1988, New York’s progressive metal band Dream Theater has had a long history to create albums with numerous lineup changes over the years and I have always appreciated the growth, evolution and influence they’ve made throughout the years of making music. Anyone knowing the albums Images And Words, Awake, Metropolis Pt. 2 Scenes From A Memory and my personal favorite being 2007’s Systematic Chaos will get a sense of amazing craftsmanship, diverse skill, talented musicianship and their lyricism are absolutely on point. With Distance Over Time, this is simply put, Dream Theater’s best, polished, crafted and dynamic releases they’ve done in a very longtime. This album is complex, demographic and riveting melodies perhaps tells a fascinating musicianship with unusual technical complexities and phenomenal songwriting.

Dream Theater concentrated their beautiful fuses of ballad lyrics and harmonies searing the quality riffs with such a stylistic nonconformity imagery. Every song is different than the other from short vocal solipsism to piano backgrounds, this also introduces dynamic touches showcasing true passages and talent without reducing the artistic value. I noticed there’s progression, technicality and stunning craftsmanship of these musicians forefront the endless talent makes this album truly special. Then onto the secondary half on this album these tracks have a simple tease factor immerses the listener multiple times with uncompromising, intelligent cerebral facilities and previewing the audiences through hypnotic regressions. Then other perspective songs like Room 137, Out Of Reach, Barstool Warrior and Fall Into The Light represents a wildly impressive adjustments of stunning presentation values from smoothing guitars, audible bass, solid drumming, vocals on point and keyboard/piano techniques are balanced properly without overshadowing Dream Theater’s beauty.

I think the melodic hooks and technological accomplishments showed meaningful and realistic pictures to get a sense what Dream Theater fused their capabilities to a self righteous sycophantic moments for Progressive rock and metal. They remind me mixture of Journey, Queensryche, Alice In Chains and bit of Styx with Rush emerged those sweet courses that perfectly sets the tone up high. As someone who’s been into Dream Theater for many years, Distance Over Time is pure musical quality and quantity of a album that will satisfy old and new fans.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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