SO THIS IS SUFFERING – Palace Of The Pessimist

There are many Southern California based deathcore bands that have stood out lately such as Lord of War and Face Your Maker and So This Is Suffering is no stranger to the scene. Formed back in 2007 in Los Angeles, California, So This Is Suffering returns this year with their sophomore full length Palace Of The Pessimist which was released February 24th, 2017 through Unique Leader Records. The band is known for their extensive touring, energetic stage presence and strong musicianship, Palace Of The Pessimist a true display of how deathcore should be done.

The album starts strong with no holds barred with the track Sleeper Hold. Displaying technical guitar riffs, heavy chugs and sheer brutality that bleeds out the first track before even hitting the two minute mark of the album. The heaviness does not end their either, tracks like Columbine and Dreameater not only hit like a bulldozer through a building but also display perfected musicianship. Combining technical time signature changes along with virtuous leads and drum patterns that do not miss a step, this album will make you headbang while also staying entranced by the controlled chaos that the band has created.

This album is both heavy and brutal but also technical and trance inducing. This is how deathcore should be done. Palace Of The Pessimist has it all from devastating breakdowns to sweeping solos, there is truly something for every type of fan. Not a single moment of this album is monotonous or regurgitated chugs but truly is a breath of fresh air in the deathcore realm. If you are a fan of bands like Boris The Blade, Enterprise Earth and Lorna Shore or just sheer brutality and heaviness, this album is perfect to add to your collection.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Neil Andersen



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