WORMHOLE – Genesis

Wormhole are a international Brutal Death Metal band from Baltimore, Maryland USA, South Africa, Port Elizabeth and Falkirk, UK that formed in 2015 and have released the debut full-length album through Lacerated Enemy records titled Genesis that was released on November 30th 2016. The band’s lyricism reflects on Technological, Science Fiction, Alienware themed and extraterrestrial style of Brutal Death Metal and with Genesis, this album not only gathered incredible amounts of impressive instrumentation work but also contributed a atmosphere so impressive and pummeling, Wormhole’s Genesis takes many inspirations for their devoted craft and have made a album that engages the listener to strap themselves into the deepest core from space. The album features 8 songs and clocking in about 27 minutes of blistering, complimented, twisted and wasting no time on their hands to create a creation that’s highly fractional for the Brutal Death Metal community.

When you get tracks such as Symbiotic Corpse Possession, Gravity Manipulation Unit and my personal favorite track being Nurtured in a Poisoned Womb the songs contains razor-sharped technical patterns of vicious guitars, dynamic signatures from the drums, complex and executed bass tones and vocal work keeps the progression on Genesis diving into the stratosphere on how much the mixtures and technicality represented here is nothing but excellent. While 2016 had some stellar extreme metal releases, Wormhole’s Genesis took the biggest, strongest and atmospheric territories keeps the listener onto a journey so isolated it’s very thunderous to maintain such organic musicality. There’s also some Melodic swirlings and ferocious slams keeps the production and mixing departments a rather crystal clear, polished and well structured to comprehend the album’s message. Overall, Genesis by Wormhole is a album that emerges the listener to get a sense what the genre is fully capable of. There is some repetitiveness on the album but don’t let the enjoyment let you down over the band’s magnificent effort.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Review by Jake Butler



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