LANTERN – Dimensions

Dark Descent Records is one of my top five favorite labels in extreme music today. From bands such as Blood Incantation, Spectral Voice, Crypt Sermon, Desolate Shrine, Krypts, Father Befouled, Ritual Necromancy and Undergang, comes another fantastic blackened death metal band known as Lantern and their latest offering Dimensions. My first proper introduction was in 2018 after their sophomore release of II: Morphosis was released in 2017 and that album demonstrated not only who the band truly was in terms of style, progression and detail to create outstanding musical pieces but to really demonstrate and show artistic talent at its finest. Dimensions takes everything you love in blackened death metal but also keeping their signature sound from past releases and have increased the structures, instruments, songwriting and lyrical content to full volume.

Music is filled with carnage, destruction, aggression and hatred but these Finnish musicians definitely have researched themselves to create stellar pieces of music not entirely for the faint of heart but their representation, analogy and understanding to make this style of music come to life is really fascinating to me. Hearing tracks such as Monolithic Abyssal Dimensions, Strange Nebula, and Shrine of Revelation demonstrates have these songs become experimental, atmospheric, fist pumping headbanging actions and magnificent instrumentals that provide a huge outcome upon hearing this album. The arrangements, compositions, production and everything these blackened death metal crafters provided is absolutely remarkable in every sense possible. If you love your extreme metal to be dark, occult, horrific and menacing while your soul is ripped apart and torn to pieces, Dimensions by Finland’s Lantern is absolutely remarkable in every way possible.


Overall Score: 9.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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