Its pretty safe to say that Russia’s Slaughter To Prevail are one of the biggest extreme metal bands coming out of the country and for deathcore as a whole. Since the dawn of the band’s existence, they’ve played fair amount of live shows, made a album back in 2017 titled Misery Sermon which seemingly enough I was skeptical at first upon listening to the album numerous times but as I grew more appreciation and heard it on a basis, I started to give bit of respect for their amount of detail, craftsmanship and creativity. Kostolom is the latest offering and the sophomore full-length album from Slaughter To Prevail and is released through Sumerian Records. Now if you know Slaughter To Prevail and their style, you can definitely expect the expected since they’re knowing for incorporating death metal, brutal death and little hints of slam in the mixture and my honest opinion, vocalist Alex Terrible is one of the most comprehensive, diverse, intelligent and sophisticated vocalists in recent memory that I can remember going by.

But for a album like this, they’ve went into more of a nu-metal approach specifically the song Bonebreaker which reminded me of the earliest days of Slipknot specifically the Iowa album in particular featuring catchy hooks, melodically driven guitar melodies, infectious vocal deliveries and a production so explosive that you could also easily detect every counterpart and instrumental bringing a chaotic and destructive energy to the album makes it even more exciting. Then onto songs like Zavali Ebalo and my personal favorite being Demolisher which has the best blast beats, best groove signatures and the best crescendos emotionally and mentally.

But also another highlight on the album has got to be the song I Killed A Man which is perhaps the most dynamic and atmospheric song throughout the whole entire album which demonstrates the listener that these Russians are fully capable of its unrelenting percussion work and the detail on the song itself brings a slam influence which you can tell by Alex’s experiential side on his vocals primarily the screams which almost gives me a Vulvodynia influence due to its slabs of brutality and intensity bringing their game and the genre to such remarkable heights. Kostolom impressed me with how dynamic these complex songs varies quick paces of understanding, unidentifiable and unpredictable leads doesn’t become overly saturated but they’ve displayed talented quality and aforementioned they created perhaps one of their strongest material to date.



Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler


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