ENFOLD DARKNESS – Adversary Omnipotent

Meet Enfold Darkness a black/death metal band formed in 2005 from Nashville, Tennessee and are back at it again with 2017’s newest chapter titled Adversary Omnipotent released on July 14th, 2017 through The Artisan Era. Prior to 2009’s debut of Our Cursed Rapture, Adversary Omnipotent delivers execution, progression and utilizing extreme metal to it’s finest roots. The album is a massive improvement over Our Cursed Rapture due to the more focused, complex, substantial and accessible efforts of intelligent chemistry represented here is absolutely fantastic start to finish. From the upgraded production, technical and melodic blackened instrumentals and impressive songwriting, Adversary Omnipotent from a musical and lyrical standpoint is Enfold Darkness’s crafted and well achieved albums they’ve done to date.

When you hear an album clocking in approximately around hour and seven minutes long and consists of 13 tracks altogether, you’re gonna get technical, presented and outstanding dimensions borrowing elements of Melodic Death, Black, Progressive Death and Blackened Metal signatures that are very well structured front to back. With tracks such as Lairs of the Ascended Masters, Terror of a Perilous Quest, Summoning the Archons and Invocation of Na’ak Ba’ran introduces haunting, classical and a post-apocalyptic atmosphere that engages the listener to strap their seats into a misanthropic universe and it promises to bring out the lyrical interpretations to a whole new level. Musically speaking, Adversary Omnipotent brings out the furious material to date from executed guitar riffs, visceral drumming, avant-garde soundscapes and Black Metal styled vocals, Adversary Omnipotent is not only a matured album but it really experiments outside the box featuring experimentation work added throughout the album’s entirety. Every band member has done a remarkable job to incorporate slower passages, face-melting moments of solid instrumentation and variety touches of technicality, brutality, progressiveness, atmosphere, avant-garde and melodic swirling is without question the band’s best album to date. If you previously enjoyed the debut full-length Our Cursed Rapture, Adversary Omnipotent is highly recommended for fans of Black, Death, Progressive, Technical and extreme music in general. Do not pass this up!

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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