Formed in 2011, A Night In The Abyss are a extreme metal band from Brighton, England and play a style of murderous, anti-religious, misanthropic and ancient civilized style of both technical, symphonic and blackened deathcore. Clocking in around 35:00 and 8 tracks, A Night In The Abyss’s Necropolis not only is their debut full-length through Hollowed Records released on June 28th, 2016 but they also incorporate influences ranging from Carach Angren, Septic Flesh, Dimmu Borgir, She Must Burn, Ingested and The Faceless but incorporating three different structures of deathcore that’s part of a representative description what this band is heading onward.

The album opens with my personal favorite track off on the album titled Aborted Idol, a demonstration of massive symphonic and blackened branches taking a very dark and cold approach of modern deathcore which therefore takes the compositions, production, atmospherics and thick passages onto a onslaught so darkened, blistering, crushing and utilizing death metal elements from the haunted guitar melodies and black metal-esque drumming while enhancing comprehensible and aggressive structures of overall stylistic tones are absolutely memorable upon hearing this album. Then onto songs from A Family Crucifixion, Cold Hearted Comeuppance, Gaia and The Human Condition are prior examples Deathcore doesn’t necessarily rely on generic breakdowns but instead, Necropolis takes the finest characteristics, triumphantly and powerful mixing the album has will give massive amounts of shivers down the listener’s spinal cords as the secondary half of Necropolis will get a artistic and technical levels of destructive extreme metal will be in the lifetime for any fans of the genre.

Instrumentally wise, Necropolis takes the icing on a delicious cake as the songs may not seem dull or artificial but it manages to pull many strings attached and members from A Night In The Abyss proved deathcore can showcase a memorable feature and it is very fresh within the extreme metal community. If you’re fans of Make Them Suffer, Carnifex, Lorna Shore, Osiah and Winds Of Plague with a orchestrated, symphonic, blackened and technical style of deathcore this is for you.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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