PISSGRAVE – Posthumous Humiliation

Love Incantation? Deicide? Vital Remains? And perhaps Angelcorpse? Well, if you happen to like those bands then Pennsylvania’s Pissgrave will fit right at home just fine. Following up to 2015’s astounding release of Suicide Euphoria released through Profound Lore Records, Posthumous Humiliation is perhaps one of 2019’s most talked about, controversial and the filthiest releases I’ve heard all year. Pissgrave takes their inspiration for creating death metal music to become rooted in the early to mid 90’s style of old school with a raw, abrasive, punishing and aesthetic style of extreme music but also incorporated very little hints of war metal that’s brutal, vile, catastrophic and just depraved all around.

Posthumous Humiliation offers terrifically crafted instrumentation, heavy production value, satisfyingly vocal work and have gotten some decent recognition through Profound Lore Records when Suicide Euphoria was first released. But this new album is best described as very comprehensive and understandable within the barriers of unleashing devotion well as keeping the unique, modernized and contributed many elements where the track selections do a solid job balancing the naturalistic characteristics making the songs a much more varied, complimented and these individuals brought out dynamism to the fullest levels possible.

From marvelous pieces of mid-paced, ranged and low to high screamed vocals, horrifying blast beats, insane drum work and constructed, symbolic, and intelligent songwriting, this is Pissgrave’s best material out there. These guys taken their inspiration from early to mid 90’s death metal and have created the most ambitious, pissed off and heavy as balls albums anyone’s going to hear all year long. Posthumous Humiliation increased intensity that’ll make any death metal fan heavily surprised during counterparts so harsh, deep and understanding lyrically these tracks provide naturalistic structures in the extreme metal world as the album 3-5 track duration which increasingly boosts brutality and focuses on tight, remarkable melodies and self-contained harmonics are insanely underrated and incorporated to absolute perfection as possible.

Songs such as Canticle of Ripping Flesh, Posthumous Humiliation, Celebratory Defilement and Euthanasia, you’ll get scholarship Death Metal goodness, composed and carefully paced songwriting, enhanced and hyperbolic vocal deliveries and Morbid Angel influenced touchstone rhythm guitar signatures as naturally provided have impressively laid out complexities as the members of Pissgrave unleashes their innovation for differential lyrical content and extreme metal metaphors. Posthumous Humiliation to me is Pissgrave’s most talked about release of the year simply because not many fans discuss the underpinnings of their sound as a grinding speed philosophies but it has outstanding moments of compassion, dedication and provides capable compositions to not sound a rip-off or plastered copied death metal formulated structures but Pissgrave’s Posthumous Humiliation is a sterling, strong and scriptural death metal album showcases authentic abilities to capture, release and expertly crafted evil malicious songs that are pure brilliance.


Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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