HUMAN EXCORIATION – Celestial Devourment

Meet Human Excoriation, a technical brutal death metal band originally from Connecticut now based in Virginia. This band takes their inspiration for extreme music and contributed themselves into the deepest, meanest and visceral displays of Death Metal to work naturally. Musically, Celestial Devourment uses mid-paced guitars, unrelenting drumming, brutal/old school death metal inspired melodies and evisceration this album will crush your limbs, shatter your spine and bones shivering to unleash such catastrophic musicality. Everything from the vocals, production and mixing is perfectly audible without any hesitation nor forces that are off key. There’s also traces of traditional Death Metal while incorporating Brutal signatures as the secondary half seems to make the album extremely enjoyable of mutated, aggressive and conscious headbanging tracks are worth the hearing if your ears can tolerate madness and destruction.

Perhaps the album’s biggest highlight is the musicianship, every band member uses their instruments to be equaled without bringing too much progression but the leveling of these songs are progressed and balanced decently to make it a prominent role what the album is going for. Human Excoriation may already create a album showcasing Brutal and Technical styles of Metal to bring fourth a new revolutionary intake and therefore this band surely created something intelligent. If you enjoyed their full-length Celestial Devourment will take its course for brutal death metal years down the road as they’ve managed to improve maturity and musical compositions.

Overall Score: 8.0/10

Review by Jake Butler



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