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Cattle Decapitation's Terrasite Album Review: A Crushing and Varied Addition to Extreme Metal

Photo: Nick Van Vidler

When it comes to extreme metal bands, few can capture my attention like Cattle Decapitation. Ever since the release of Monolith of Inhumanity in 2012, I’ve been eagerly anticipating each new album from the band. So, when I heard that they were releasing Terrasite in 2023, I couldn’t contain my excitement – I may have even yelled out “hell yeah!” at work, much to the confusion of my coworkers.

And let me tell you, Terrasite does not disappoint. From the riffs to the unique and beautifully odd vocals of Travis Ryan, everything about this album speaks to me. The lyrics are a poignant reminder of our destructive tendencies as a species, and Ryan’s delivery is unmatched in its misanthropic rage.

Cattle Decapitation’s sound on Terrasite is a perfect blend of tech death and grind, with plenty of groove. Each track is sure to get you moving, headbanging, or even engaging in a rare full-on bodybang. And despite their consistency in style, Cattle Decapitation manages to keep each album sounding fresh and new, while still remaining true to their unique sound. Terrasite is no exception.

If you’re a fan of extreme metal, then you absolutely need to give Terrasite a listen. Cattle Decapitation’s latest offering is crushing, exciting, and – dare I say it – even fun to listen to. The album drops on May 12th, 2023, and the band kicks off their Decibel Magazine Tour 2023 the day before. Be sure to preorder the album and catch them live – you won’t be disappointed by this incredible addition to their discography.

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Overall Score: 10/10

Review by: Dan Perretta


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