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George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher has always been one of my absolute favorite vocalists in extreme metal since his band with Cannibal Corpse resonated with me as a teenager being exposed to albums such as Vile, Gallery Of Suicide, The Wretched Spawn and Bloodthirst which all have been a huge appreciation for what those records became to me as a young individual getting into death metal at a early age. When I first heard the news of Corpsegrinder releasing his debut full-length album I was immediately hooked and rest assure, if you’re a fan of him or anything he’s done in the past, you’re gonna have your mind lose its sanity because as a solo artist for this being his first ever album, I am absolutely stunned and floored to the ground in hearing such fun, chaotic, and countervailing albums that I’ve heard in 2022.

This album also introduces some special guests including Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, Erik Rutan from Hate Eternal and many more. Musically, this is a album that will have many fans appreciate and expect what to come since this has death metal signatures, hardcore roots, thrash and course vocally Corpsegrinder’s signing is instantly recognizable soon as you hear the opening moments of All Souls Get Torn, Acid Vat, Master Of The Longest Night and Death Is The Only Key you’ll be introduced to have some of the heaviest, groovy and melodic driven albums of 2022. What really sparks the light of hearing this in its entirety is the passion, lyrical content, themes and delivery Corpsegrinder was able to bring to the table really made it perfectly clear that he was not fooling around when he meant this album is balls to the wall heavy and I have to admit, he is certainly correct.

His ability to have such a remarkable vocal tone ranging his pitched screams, low guttural registered growls and the people backing him up to kick-start the record is just a blast to hear. The guitars, drums, bass, production, mixing and progressiveness poured into his debut full-length album is sensational and I am confident that if he wants to explore different types and styles for future Corpsegrinder releases then I’m board entirely 100%. Corpsegrinder’s debut album is the most diverse, achieved, tightest and enjoyable records I’ve heard in 2022.



Overall Score: 9.5/10
Review by Jake Butler



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