Foetal Juice are a English based death metal band that makes no compromise or fear to create viscous, comprehensive and intelligent pieces of music that’s awaiting to be discovered. Released through the mighty label of Gore House Productions, Foetal Juice’s been around for 15 years as they’re relatively new to the underground and extreme metal world and with Gluttony being first released under the label, they’ve demonstrated how the death metal genre can still maintain the old school, horror and gore themed style become where it is today and sounding incredibly sharp and brutal all the same time. But in today’s modern era of death metal, Foetal Juice take their sound, professionalism, songwriting and lyrical content above and beyond to have such various styles displayed here where the guitar melodies and arrangements almost have that thrashy, grindy and melodic transitions but nothing too distorted or disoriented.

The execution is extremely flawless, production giving all it’s weight capacity with every instrumental provided gives it a nice flair, touch and sense of sound where you can hear everything perfectly and naturally speaking, this album is a much more improved version than their debut full-length Masters of Absurdity. Foetal Juice were able to take the toll and lead on to have their tendencies, craft and ambition to really set themselves and put the music on the map for everyone to observe and interestingly enough, I think there’s a fine lining between the layered vocals, black metal inspired riffs and balanced drums give the tracks a nice touch and flair for additional elements to really understand what they’re achieving in. But consistency wise, Foetal Juice is taking their overall sound, creative passion and potential to make death metal fun and fulfilling with songs such as Take Your Face for a Shit, Venomous Domination, Metamorphosis, and Antagonistic Bastard brings a Suffocation, Bloodbath and Dying Fetus vibe but keeping their signatures afloat and steady. Gluttony is an energetic, meat and potato style of death metal that will hopefully bring out the best of both worlds for different fans among the extreme metal community.


Overall Score: 8.5/10
Review by Jake Butler


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