Smoulder- Violent Creed Of Vengeance Album Review


Strap yourself into a world full of fantasy, atmosphere, and much more to come because the internationally based metal crafters, “Smoulder,” have created an album so immersive, expansive, and diverse that this record tells the tale that all good heroes wear capes.

“Violent Creed Of Venegeance” is the sophomore full-length record and the follow-up to 2019’s “Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring,” released through Cruz Del Sur Music.

To describe their sound, they play a contemporary, epic, and experimental blend of both heavy metal and doom metal with some power and stoner influences mixed in.

Smoulder is one of the most exciting, engaging, and unique bands I’ve heard in quite some time, and as someone who enjoys artists discussing fantasy lyrical themes, I can safely say that this album, “Violent Creed Of Venegeance,” is very likely to end up on my favorite albums of 2023 list.

This record may not be suitable for everyone’s interests, but as someone who is generally open to all forms of metal and music as a whole, I have really appreciated the beauty and nature behind the record and seeing what type of approach Smoulder took in making this album.

From the wonderful harmonics, atmospheric layers of breathtaking melodies to a production so complex and accessible, these songs are packed with fantastic vocals, catchy grooves, and the band did a wonderful job showcasing their artistic talent and understanding to give it their all.

Tracks such as “Midnight in the Mirror World,” “Dragonslayer’s Doom,” and “The Talisman and the Blade” have a desire to make something not only different but keep the progression, instrumentals, and delivery at a consistent level where it doesn’t stray away from the craftsmanship.

Even in the second half of the record, I get a wide variety of influences ranging from Candlemass, Eternal Champion, Manilla Road, and Grand Magus, bringing various genres of metal together to blend and craft the everlasting depths and qualities.

“Violent Creed Of Vengeance” is Smoulders most compassionate, energetic, and compelling album they have ever created.

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Overall score – 9/10
Review by Jake Butler 


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