MORBID ANGEL – Kingdoms Disdained

Floridian outfit Morbid Angel are one of the most well-known, established, influential, memorable and important death metal bands to ever step foot into the realms of extreme music. With Kingdoms Disdained being the ninth full-length album after a 6 year wait prior to 2011’s Illud Divinum Insanus which was critically panhandled by many fans as the direction the album took was extremely skeptical and uncomfortable. But did Kingdoms Disdained came back to a return of form that Morbid Angel fans know and love? Complete honesty, I feel this is the band’s most polished, aggressive and well achieved albums they’ve ever created since Formulas Fatal to the Flesh. From the traditional slower musical sound, aggressive guitar riffs, Steve Tucker’s punishing vocals and classical musical undertones, Kingdoms Disdained has some vibes from Domination with many traces of Gateways to Annihilation that not only will draw fans but this album is simply put, relentless start to finish.

Comprehensive instrumentals, natural complementary acts, intelligent songwriting and provide a calming/disgusting and ministered atmosphere makes the songs more unstoppable to immediately bring transitional speed, aggression and Covenant’s heavier and dark atmosphere come to realistically reality. Kingdoms Disdained uses brutalized, possessed and recognizable narrations from Altars Of Madness and uses heavy signature Morbid Angel growls performed by Steve Tucker who in my eye does a astonishing job creating highlights to punchline a Suffocation/Obituary vibe. Personally, Kingdoms Disdained expanded the band’s canvas in remembrance of the well known moody pieces in between the definitive statement for Death Metal compositions. Musically and lyrically, the overall tone is faster, reliable and builds interludes a fully capable and equipped with the legitimized art form and festivities known to death metal today. This is a return to form from Morbid Angel and is definitely recommended to any fans of the band’s body of work.

Overall Score: 9.0/10

Review by Jake Butler


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