EBULLISM – The Cosmic Web

A one person technical death metal project? Well, in this case sign me up because after giving this debut full-length multiple listens I can already say that this is very reminiscing of old school death, brutal death and many more to come. Stylistically, this record is filled with luxurious guitar riffs, intense drumming, solid production value and a highly accessible record showcasing the talent behind the musicianship is truly worth mentioning. Musically, the amount of detail put into the record not only is extremely enjoyable and one of a kind, but Chris Hatfield’s ability in creating everything himself from the guitar playing, vocals, bass, drums, mixing and writing lyrics to a extremely heavy, aggressive and overall the compositions alongside the instrumentals have set Chris’s expectations met highly.

Now, the album is a headbanging, guitar driven, thunderous and galloping drum sounding and well produced vocals to extreme signatures all surrounded by his natural sound influencing many spectrums of different musical layers. There’s breakneck riffing, astonishing harmonies reminiscent the imageries of beautifully written songwriting and thunderous drumming and production aforementioned still commands the very respectable audiences together to form a album unfairly maligned in musical form done perfectly well. Vocals are top notch, drumming is hard hitting and heaviness all around, glass shattering wielding guitar structures of balancing solos in between the instrumentals providing a complimentary act beneath the metallic surfaces of the stronger and well deserved offerings possible. The Cosmic Web promises to make any fans of extreme music feel right at place.



Overall Score: 8.0/10
Review by Jake Butler



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